Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

We're always trying to push ourselves and the limits of what we can do as storytellers; this was one of those moments. The best man was a professional BMX rider who threw out the idea of incorporating him somehow jumping his bike over the groom. However, instead of it just being the two of them, I wanted to incorporate all of the groomsmen, which is exactly what I did.

To make this shot work, I wanted to shoot it super wide and be as close as possible, which meant raising the risk factor quite a bit. I lay flat on the ground and asked him to try his best not to hit me but also to get as close as he possibly could. We did one test run and then the real jump, which he landed perfectly, about 2 inches from my face and camera. My goal was to capture the bike at its highest point and avoid getting crushed on the landing. Only one of those I had control over... but I nailed it!