Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

Erika and I had very limited time for portraits at this 4-day Telugu wedding in Bahrain. With time running out, and not a lot of options to work with, I spotted a patch of shrubbery that I thought I might be able to shoot through in order to A) frame the couple, B) block out a bunch of environmental distractions, and C) fill the frame with something interesting.

By carefully positioning the couple, I was able to find a little opening through which to frame them nicely. I chose a wide lens that allowed me to fill my frame with as much shrubbery as possible (I wanted the couple to be relatively small within the frame). By exposing for the highlights in the sky, the couple and all of the leaves became interesting silhouettes. While processing the photo, I chose to go for a high contrast black & white edit because I really liked how it helped the couple "camouflage" into the setting. I like how it makes the viewer "work for it."

The REAL story of this wedding, however, has nothing to do this photo (or any of their posed portraits). It involves a crazy sand storm, photographing in a mosh pit, hilarious moments, colourful ceremonies, extravagant receptions, drunken pool parties, and so much more. Thank you, Sahithi & Kedar, for flying us half way around the planet to document your legendary wedding celebration!