Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

This photo was taken at a venue I work at regularly. The couple was very fun-loving, and the wedding was a combination of cultures, Danish & Persian.

I wanted to give them a photo that was unique and that I had not done at this venue. After walking around looking for opportunities for nearly 10 minutes and not finding anything worthy of the couple or the event, I noticed a table with about 15 dirty glasses on it that the staff had not cleared. I organized the glasses so that I could shoot through them to see if my idea would work, and it appeared to do so. I just needed clean glassware. I asked the staff for a tray of clean glasses and proceeded to set up the shot.

As it was dark, I needed a flash on the couple, and after a few test shots, I worked out that I needed flashes on the glasses. To cut down the highlights, I used colored gels to color the glasses from each side and shot through the stems to my couple placed in the middle. The shot was taken using a 15mm f2.8 lens.