Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

It was a fraction of a second. Everyone knows a toddler’s snot. Everyone.But a bubble like this I had never seen before. Not only was it incredibly large, it was also gigantic and green. Once in a lifetime.

This girl had my attention the whole morning. Despite being everywhere, she was incredibly quiet and invisible throughout the getting ready, enjoying the whole event.

It was the depths of winter, March 2021, and colds were inevitable. Especially not with toddlers. At the moment when everyone was perfectly ready to leave for the town hall, she blew a gigantic bubble through her nose. It barely lasted a second before her grandmother grabbed her handkerchief to wipe it away. And she remarked not to take a photo of it. “This isn’t pretty for the photo. I hope you don't have this on camera”. Of course I did. I'm everywhere and I love these moments dearly.

Btw, a fun fact. Apparently, this image is often the deciding factor for the groom for choosing me as the wedding photographer. Real images. A touch of humor. Atypical. And slightly rough.