Viviana Calaon Moscova

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Wedding photographer Viviana Calaon Moscova was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now lives is Quito, Ecuador. She made the location change after a two-year trip through Latin America that changed her life and her way of seeing the world, people, and their cultures. Viviana says, “Now my home is in Quito and I love it!”

Asked her favorite quote, Viviana cites Diane Arbus: “My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” Her love of traveling and making new friends likely stems from both this attitude and a desire to embrace her diverse heritage. “My nationality is Argentine-Italian, because my mother is Sicilian and all her kindred are Italian. I also have a Russian last name from my mother and Arabic lineage from my father. A melting pot of nations live in me—and this defines my open and friendly personality.”

Viviana says she started taking photographs simply as a way to enhance her own memories. Like most of us, she felt that the rich details and nuances of even her most memorable experiences tended to fade over time. “I started with photography because I am very forgetful,” she laughs. “Then I discovered in photography the wonderful possibility of treasuring the moment forever, and I could not stop taking photos.” 

Her love of new people, places, and memory-making now come together beautifully in her career as a wedding photographer. “What is special and what I love about wedding photography is that all kinds of feelings are mixed—such as joy, anxiety, sadness, laughter, and tears. That is a day of celebration where friends and family join to share love,” she says.  
Viviana loves that her job involves sharing these emotions, interacting with new people, and experiencing their traditions firsthand. She finds that her ability to capture the fullness of each couples’ unique relationship and wedding day has a lot to do with her personality.  
“I try to be communicative and happy. I am quite intuitive to the different moods of people—I have empathy and a lot of patience. I spread my energy. That is my strength,” she says. She also notes that it helps to be tireless. “It takes a lot of energy to create images with quality and beauty!”  

“Attitude is everything,” says Viviana. “Be alert, quick minded, and tirelessly creative. Never compare yourself to others.” She adds, “Being fearless, for me, is not being afraid to try new things. I strive to show my vision of life and anticipate the moment. I work hard to create images with emotional impact and meaning—images that says something. Real images that make you feel something.” 
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