Let’s Get Real (Moments)

Let's get real here.

There's a common misconception that great wedding photography has to be made in epic settings with majestic mountains, vast sky, blue oceans, or grand estates. We don't believe that's necessarily true.

These powerful images of real moments at weddings serve as reminders that wedding photography does not need epic settings. Great photos can come from anywhere! All it takes is a skilled wedding photographer who's looking to capture natural, real family moments of this wonderful day.

We hope you enjoy browsing this special gallery of real moments at weddings. As always, our Fearless Photographers are available anywhere in the world.
Vinicius Fadul (São Paulo, Brazil) Photo by Vinicius Fadul (São Paulo, Brazil)
Alessandro Capuzzo (Venice, Italy) Photo by Alessandro Capuzzo (Venice, Italy)
Joe Appel (Pittsburgh, PA) Photo by Joe Appel (Pittsburgh, PA)
Paul Tansley (South East England) Photo by Paul Tansley (South East England)
For me as a photographer are those moments during the wedding day, that are true moments that show emotion, relationships between people, laughter, tears, etc. with no direction from the photographer. A good real moment in an image makes the viewer feel the emotion of the scene - even if they have no connection to the people in the picture. It must not be directed during capture in any way - as that would change the naturalness and purity of the moment. Real moments captured this way are extremely powerful, as they truly capture humans being humans. Something that posing people simply cannot do.

Paul Tansley is a professional wedding photographer based in the United Kingdom.
Rocio Vega (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Rocio Vega (Madrid, Spain)
Soven Amatya (London) Photo by Soven Amatya (London)
Virginia Gimeno (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Virginia Gimeno (Madrid, Spain)
A real moment captured in a photo means (to me) that it's not constructed. A real moment is something that happens because of the circumstances and the people who are there. A real moment can be quiet or chaotic and everything in between. It unfolds naturally and it's up to the photographer to observe, anticipate and expect.

Eirik Halvorsen is a professional wedding photographer based in Norway.
Andrea Bagnasco (Genoa, Italy) Photo by Andrea Bagnasco (Genoa, Italy)
Olya Vysotskaya (New York City) Photo by Olya Vysotskaya (New York City)
Isabelle Hattink (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Isabelle Hattink (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Curtis Moore (Winnipeg, MB) Photo by Curtis Moore (Winnipeg, MB)
Kim Rooijackers (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Photo by Kim Rooijackers (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
A real moment is a moment I can feel deep inside. A moment that touches my emotions and strikes a chord inside. To show real moments is to hold someones attention a bit longer because they can relate to it. For me real moments are everywhere, all the time. Its that time in space where memories are made.

Kim Rooijackers is a professional wedding photographer based in the Netherlands.
Fille Roelants (Antwerp, Belgium) Photo by Fille Roelants (Antwerp, Belgium)
Lina Orsino-Allen (East of England) Photo by Lina Orsino-Allen (East of England)
For us, real moments are everything a wedding is about. This is not a fashion shoot, or a piece of showy editorial, this is likely the most incredible day in our clients' lives so far. Who are we to dictate the moments they remember, and why do we need to? We just let it happen, and the stories of our clients unfold, no sub-editor necessary.

- Lina Orsino-Allen is a professional wedding photographer based in the United Kingdom.
Marios Kourouniotis (Munich, Germany) Photo by Marios Kourouniotis (Munich, Germany)
Abhimanyu Sharma (New Delhi, India) Photo by Abhimanyu Sharma (New Delhi, India)
Barbara Fabbri (Bologna, Italy) Photo by Barbara Fabbri (Bologna, Italy)
David Clumpner (Missoula, MT) Photo by David Clumpner (Missoula, MT)
Crystal Stokes (Charlotte, NC) Photo by Crystal Stokes (Charlotte, NC)
Arai Leng (Shanghai, China) Photo by Arai Leng (Shanghai, China)
Real moments are spontaneous and pure. Weddings require so much planning, with certain ceremonies that take place at certain times. People follow specific protocols; they dress a certain way; say specific words... The whole thing can become somewhat theatrical, with main actors, a supporting cast, an audience... Then you get these few seconds of unrehearsed action, when emotions take over and you truly get to see the human condition. I live for those moments!

Sandra Armenteros is a professional photographer based in Illinois (USA).
Wellington Fugisse (Natal, Brazil) Photo by Wellington Fugisse (Natal, Brazil)
Denise Motz (Breda, Netherlands) Photo by Denise Motz (Breda, Netherlands)
Real moments at weddings are the ones where I get a glimpse of how big a gift it actually is for me to be invited to capture those moments and emotions. Where I feel so blessed to witness people connecting, often welling up in tears behind the camera and therefore not even seeing clearly what I'm shooting. But from the emotion alone I know it will be great. Because if I can feel it this intense, it will show in the picture for everyone to see. There's no greater gift than love. When it gives you goosebumps, it's real.

Christiane Eckl is a professional wedding photographer based in Austria.
Daniel Aguilar (Houston, TX) Photo by Daniel Aguilar (Houston, TX)
William Lambelet (Montpellier) Photo by William Lambelet (Montpellier)
Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy) Photo by Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy)
Real is an excited bride seeing the final makeup look, meeting her father when he sees his girl all grown up. Real is the bridesmaids freaking out when they see the bride for the first time in full dress, the groom trying to hold back the tears when she (bride) walks down the aisle. Real is grandma hugging her grandson congratulating him on how handsome he looks and how proud he makes her. Real is the brother of the groom cracking up, tears streaming down his face because he's so proud of his little brother.

Liezel Volschenk is a professional wedding photographer based in South Africa.
Abby Moss (Calgary, AB) Photo by Abby Moss (Calgary, AB)
Ken Pak (Washington DC) Photo by Ken Pak (Washington DC)
Mark Wallis (East Midlands England) Photo by Mark Wallis (East Midlands England)
Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka) Photo by Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka)
Real moments to me are those spontaneous bursts of laughter from the most meek and humble guests, the unexpected tears of joy from the gruff, stone-faced father and the crimson flush of anger on the face of the aunt who's son just knocked over the cake. They are the moments that the couple miss and get to relive through our pictures because we captured their day as it was. They are the moments that we hope they keep coming back to in the years to come.

Geeshan Bandara is a professional wedding photographer based in Sri Lanka.
Tyler Wirken (Kansas City, MO) Photo by Tyler Wirken (Kansas City, MO)
Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain)
Pedro Álvarez (North East England) Photo by Pedro Álvarez (North East England)
Donatella Barbera (Florence, Italy) Photo by Donatella Barbera (Florence, Italy)
Yves Schepers (Brussels, Belgium) Photo by Yves Schepers (Brussels, Belgium)
Tara Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Tara Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Kelly Giardina (New Jersey) Photo by Kelly Giardina (New Jersey)
To me, a real moment during a wedding day is one where the people in photos are living in the moment. They are not thinking about what just happened or what is about to happen, they are focused on how they feel at that particular moment. When this truly happens you can not only see the emotion in the photos, whether it is happy or sad, but you can feel it as well.

Kelly Giardina is a professional wedding photographer based in New Jersey (USA).
Sybil Rondeau (Nantes) Photo by Sybil Rondeau (Nantes)
Mitzy Geluk (Tholen, Netherlands) Photo by Mitzy Geluk (Tholen, Netherlands)
We think a wedding is a big pile of moments. As photographers it is our job to catch these moments and show the whole story. The couple will have their own moments: of joy, nervousness, fear, love (and an alcohol buzz at the end of the night). But what people sometimes forget is that the kids, family and nearest friends of the couple will have their moments too, tears laughter or maybe a finger up a nose.

Real moments at weddings are moments that make you laugh, cry or love them, but they make you feel something as a viewer. But mostly it's our job to make the couple feel their wedding day all over again when they look at their pictures.

Mitzy Geluk is a professional wedding photographer based in the Netherlands.
Martin Beddall (South East England) Photo by Martin Beddall (South East England)
Dries Renglé (Brussels, Belgium) Photo by Dries Renglé (Brussels, Belgium)
Jesse van Kalmthout (Breda, Netherlands) Photo by Jesse van Kalmthout (Breda, Netherlands)
Benjamin Brette (Paris) Photo by Benjamin Brette (Paris)
Daniel West (Johannesburg, South Africa) Photo by Daniel West (Johannesburg, South Africa)
It is the essence of having no guard up, not thinking about what anyone thinks in that split second of our lives, and expressing everything in that second which makes us human. It is the epitome of being alive, and expressing who you are as a bride, groom, or guest. What can I say? Im a sucker for real moments.

Daniel West is a professional wedding photographer based in South Africa.
Alexandra Botvinovskaya (Rome, Italy) Photo by Alexandra Botvinovskaya (Rome, Italy)
Damiano Salvadori (Florence, Italy) Photo by Damiano Salvadori (Florence, Italy)
David Amiel (Lima, Peru) Photo by David Amiel (Lima, Peru)
Gerardo Ojeda (Málaga, Spain) Photo by Gerardo Ojeda (Málaga, Spain)
Ken Pak (Washington DC) Photo by Ken Pak (Washington DC)
Kirth Bobb (Washington DC) Photo by Kirth Bobb (Washington DC)
Maíra Erlich (São Paulo, Brazil) Photo by Maíra Erlich (São Paulo, Brazil)
Mantas Kubilinskas (Washington DC) Photo by Mantas Kubilinskas (Washington DC)
Tim Chin (Montreal, QC) Photo by Tim Chin (Montreal, QC)
Marissa Joy Daly (Los Angeles, CA) Photo by Marissa Joy Daly (Los Angeles, CA)
Adeline Leonti (Montreal, QC) Photo by Adeline Leonti (Montreal, QC)
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