Perspectives #6

In this innovative exercise, some of the top wedding photographers in the world were asked to critique the same wedding photos independently on their own without knowing what the others think. Would they agree? How different or similar would their critiques be?

Tyler Wirken

It's a wonderful situation. I love the energy of it. I love the flying confetti. The photographer did a nice job of getting the couple into a clean space. It really has a lot going for it in terms of light, moment, and composition. The light is decent. It's well exposed. The moment is really there, which is great. The only thing this picture needs is some fine tuning on the composition. Kudos to the photographer for being behind the couple and showing all the people reacting with the confetti and the bubbles and all the people cheering. But the photographer was too close. Having those feet cut off is quite awkward. Use a wider lens or just move backwards would have improved the feel of this picture. It just feels crowded and awkward with the bottom of the feet. 

You could also crop it. If you crop them at their knees to only get the couple, you miss all the people. If we moved back or started a bit wider, we would get more of the confetti and more of the people and the couple's feet. In the end, that's really all this needs. We got hands in the air, confetti, a lot of energy. We got decent light. We just got to work on that composition a bit more to really make this picture sing.
Vlad Lodoaba | Education

I applaud the photographer for going for the different angle with this shot. It's definitely a ballsy move. It's also a great way to see the faces of the guests, at least the ones who are not recording on their phones. In terms of moment, I am wondering if the hands of the bride and groom are extended as far up as possible? Is this the peak of the moment? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Only the photographer can know that. With moments like this, I would just shoot bursts and see if there could be a bit more excitement.

I also noticed that in the center bottom of the image, there seems to be a videographer or a second shooter. Kudos to the photographer of being aware of the team they work with. Good job with that.

What I am wondering is with this image, what was the intent of the photographer? Did they want to do a mostly silhouette image of the couple, or did they want to do a reaction shot of the guests as the couple exits the church? This image is not necessarily fully committed one way or another. If you're going for a reaction shot for the guests, I would have lifted the camera above my head or stood up for three seconds to try and get more of the guests in the frame from between the hands of the couple. Or if you going for a silhouette, maybe go even lower than you already have. Again, I am aware that you spotted a photographer or videographer, and you don't want to ruin their shots, so your options are limited.
Candice Cusic | Education

This shot of the bride and groom leaving the church is outstanding. I love that the photographer took a risk here to photograph them from behind and shoot the reaction of their guests. It was a risk that really paid off. They're clearly defined from the background. You know exactly what's going on. I love seeing all of these faces cheering them on.

This can be improved with a wider lens. The only information that's missing from this shot is feet. With or without feet, it's still a beautiful photograph and I know the clients love it.
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