Perspectives #7

In this innovative exercise, some of the top wedding photographers in the world were asked to critique the same wedding photos independently on their own without knowing what the others think. Would they agree? How different or similar would their critiques be?

Citlalli Rico | Education

You are close, which is really good because in situations like this, getting that close is hard because they will bump into you when they're coming out of the limbo or the dance. So kudos for being so close to them. I love her expression. It's great. I think it's a little bit soft - not in focus. I'm not sure. I can't tell if the photo is a little bit moved. I don't know what kind of settings you had. Maybe you need to make sure your shutter speed is high enough when you're on the dance floor, just to make sure the images are sharp. Unless you want to shoot for emotion, then you're fine. His expression is also really good. I love that she's also wearing the glasses of Team Bride because it feels like she's supporting herself and she's also supporting her husband.

So it's great. What I would do is bring out a little bit more of the faces in the back because they have great expressions as they're laughing. Put more light on their faces. Take one or two steps back would have been ideal for the photo to be able to breathe so we can read the expressions a little bit better. But in general, it's fun. If you would have been one or two steps back, we could have seen the left hand of the groom and how much he's struggling. That hand would have supported the story here too.
Linda Bouritius

This image is all about moment for me. I really like the contrast between the bride and the groom. She's having a blast and you're really enjoying the Lambada. I really like how the groom's face is still in such a concentrated state. Well done picking this moment. 

In terms of light, it feels a little bit flat. That may have something to do with how you used your flash or haven't used flash. Use some off-camera flash to light the face of the groom more and the bride also. Have her dress toned down because it's all about her emotions. Both his shirt and her dress are attracting a lot of attention right now.

Another thing - I would go really close, like standing almost next to the bride with her in the front and then looking into to the face or taking a step back and show the reactions of the people behind them because there are some elements there as well. Crop it in. For me, it's like what be sometimes call "medium". Either crop in or get in there entirely and use her face or amazing expression or take a step back and show me more of the scenery. That's something I would suggest for this image. In terms of moments, you've nailed it. I think the expression on a bride and how she holds his hand is really great.

What if you move your camera really high and then look into the face of the groom when he's like going underneath the rope, stuff. That's another suggestion from me - a different angle, get really, really high. I think you might lose the expression of the bride a little bit, but his face is hilarious as well. How they hold their hands would also be more clear if it would be from a higher perspective. That this my critique for this image.
Valter Antunes

I like whenever there's a limbo on the floor because we can get some really good expressions when they're going under. In this case, a photographer opted for the face when they finished the limbo. I would use a really wide lens and be right on top of them and shoot downwards and get both of them going right under the limbo. That's when they have those really painful expressions.

She has like a nice expression here. She's really happy. She's having a good time. I really like his expression too because it's like suffering.

I would bring up the exposure a bit more on the guy's face so we see more of his expression because his expression is really good. I wouldn't darken the girls at the back because they are having good expressions there as well. I always like to include the expressions of the people around them. So, um, yeah, just bring the exposure up a bit on, uh, at the back there. It's a nice shot. Nice moment.
David Murray

Love this picture. It is peak action. The bride is obviously having a ball trying to go under the rope while the husband is trying like heck. You see the struggle in his eyes as he is trying to work his way underneath the rope. My suggestion would be to make certain that his face is lit up more. We need to see the contrast of her face and his. Beyond that we have people in the background. I'm sure that if we could see well enough we'd see that they are focused on this moment as well. We could perhaps have the moment intensified by showing the reactions of those people surrounding the bride and groom.
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