There's a lot going on in this image—more than you probably even notice at first glance. This new mom of twins and bride-to-be has multitasking down to a science, and her photographer captured the heartwarming chaos in a sweet, loving way.
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Based In: Columbus
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Ben Adams
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About Ben Adams:
I am a full time wedding photographer. I only photograph weddings and engagements.  
I lied, I also photograph my dog Archer. He is pretty rad. 
Something I believe: Do one thing and do it very well. 
I swept a pretty lady off her feet six years ago. She became my second shooter but most importantly, she became my wife in 2014.  
I believe it is very important to be personable and to bring enthusiasm on a wedding day. My goal is for people to look at my and say, "that dude loves his job".  
I love building and maintaining relationships.  
Keep it real.
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