Borgo del Convento

Borgo del Convento is a former monastery dating back to 1492, nestled among the hills and the sea in the province of Catanzaro. The structure, which is protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, is the only monastery founded by Francesco Marino da Zumpano that has been perfectly preserved over time. The history of the borgo is closely tied to the Corapi family, which has guarded and preserved the authenticity of the convent for centuries.

The Borgo del Convento has been fully restored with the goal of preserving its history. The large antique rugs, vintage flooring, cloister with a portico, and small signs of time allow guests to take a step back in time. Inside the Borgo del Convento, there are two churches and a small chapel for weddings. The convent is surrounded by over 10,000 square meters of outdoor space with various areas available. The main garden is adorned with ancient stone vases and fountains, the cloister is perfect for organizing parties and banquets with a picturesque portico, and the Monks' Spinning Room is a large hall with original stone walls that exudes an irreplaceable atmosphere.


Fearless Photographers at Borgo del Convento