Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Como, Italy

Luigi Rota

Como, Italy
I was born in Lecco on Lake Como, Italy, in 1973. Since I was14 years old I have had a passion for photography which I inherited from my two parents, both photographers. Today I am the owner of Studio Photo Fotorota based in Lecco (Italy) and coordinate a team of photographers and associates who work with me. I mainly specialize in reportage weddings. I work with many agencies and major companies. Many of my images have won awards for national and international competitions. With my photographs I take part in exhibitions. I made numerous editorials for national and international journals. I am an active member of the most important associations for wedding photographers, including: WPJA. AGWPJA, ISPWP, WPPI and Best of Wedding Photography. In 2007 I have received the important qualification in wedding photography QEP recognized by the FEP in Europe.

I work with popular wedding magazines: Vogue, White, Elle and others. In 2008 I was selected as a photographer from the NPS Nikon Europe, right after I was elected as teacher for workshops organized by the project with Nikon School in Italy. In 2009, I embarked on the adventure as teacher for courses and professional workshops on photojournalism wedding photography, taking many courses in several Italian cities. I work in postproduction and teaching courses in software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I dedicate much time to research and experimentation to improve and expand my work.

In my wedding reportage work, I try to capture real moments unique to each wedding, I look to capture the true emotions and sensations that people feel. I always use ambient light to keep the realism of the scene. With my recent research in wedding photography, I find a similarity with the photo in the film with the light of the cinema just as the photographer, I look to document and capture everything just how I am in front of me. With my reportage I want to tell a story in every wedding, my photographs must transmit the same sensations and emotions to the viewer. I love the black and white photographs for strong contrasts between light and shadow.