North Carolina

Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in North Carolina

Kate Pullen

Outer Banks
I have a passion for storytelling and traveling, and I believe that spontaneity is the key to capturing emotion- and being prepared for anything! I received a BA from the Friends World International Studies Program of Long Island University in 2000 after studying in East Africa, Central America and Middle East. After graduating, I lived and worked in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and soon thereafter made a "stop over," or so I thought it would be, on Hatteras Island - a tee-niney (that's a southern vernacular for really small) sliver of sand off of North Carolina. I never expected to call Hatteras home, but I met Daniel, (my now husband) and well, here I am. In 2003, we combined our interests, talents, and work experience together to launch our photography business. We are an eclectic business and bring our work in surfing, journalism, and advocacy to the table alongside our wedding, portrait, and commercial work. 14 years, and a lot of shoots later, we're still as in love as ever - with each other and the work! (That's a huge double plus, right?!) After seeing the significant benefit of attending Foundation Workshop for Daniel in 2016, in January of 2017, I attended Foundation First Wedding Photojournalism Workshop in TX. I have seen it revitalize my work, enable me to be consciously aware of the intricacies of moments and light, and fine-tune my individual voice as a storyteller. A little bit about my personality: I'm not flashy - I live in my running clothes, no makeup, ponytail, kind-of-a girl, and I don't like it when attention is on me - funny, because most of the brides I work with are like that too. So, with that in mind, I approach how I shoot based on how I'd want someone to work with me. I'm engaging but not disruptive, directing but not demanding, present but not front and center; most of all I want my clients to feel at ease, comfortable, and know that I will photograph the moments that capture the best them - because who they are is beautiful.