Sorayha Caetano

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Based In: Sudeste do Brasil
Pricing: 2000 - 4000 R$
Awards Last 3 Years: 0
Lifetime Awards: 0
Sorayha Caetano
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About Sorayha Caetano:
I love what I do; photography completes me . 
My goal is to produce photographs with " soul " , which have the power to pass or relive feelings. I see a lot of beauty in the spontaneous , in what is natural , in what is true. 
Always thinking about the value of an image that " freezes" a moment , a feeling. The " naked " photo , the crooked smile , the laugh without composure , unpredictable faces, the beautiful lines that precede the tear. 
Photographing a moment is to create a " rift in time ." And I want to live producing " cracks in time," heirlooms . 
I want not only the bride and groom to remember how they felt , but their children and grandchildren being able to " visit" that day through the wedding album and feel everything that was lived as if they have been there .


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