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Daniel Pullen

Outer Banks, NC
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Daniel Pullen

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I began photographing weddings in 2003 with my wife, Kate. I am a documentary and surf photographer, and nothing about traditional wedding photography appealed to me. So, right away I made the decision that I would photograph the way I wanted to by photographing real moments, creating bold and artistic portraits, and making images that were truly unique and worthy of celebration. Right away my perspective seemed to translate with clients. So, I ran with it, and 14 years later I'm still photographing weddings and continuing my documentary and surf work. Every day is filled with a thousand photographs, and yet, every time that I pick up the camera I learn something new about light, perspective, composition, people, and life. Finding Fearless Photographers and attending Foundation Workshop in 2016 changed my life because for the first time I was around a group of photographers who shared the same desire for intentionality, authenticity, creativity, and professionalism. I'm grateful that Fearless is a community where we can collectively pursue making the best possible photographs, push limits of creativity, and honor the beauty of the unrehearsed moment.
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