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Teri Bocko

Teri Bocko

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I wear bows in my hair and am intrigued by abandoned places and once I met a panda.  
My style is a Photo-Journalistic Approach with a Dash of Artistic Flare. I typically shoot with my partner and boyfriend Myke. We both have strong backgrounds in performing arts and we find that telling stories comes second nature. Most of our free time is spent traveling where we always strive to capture the essence of environment. Our Artistic and Traveling experiences combined craft a unique approach to shooting Weddings.  
It's important to know that my first photo subjects were my beanie babies and puppy. I can be found spontaneously baking something, usually cookies. 
There is nothing more inspiring than love. I want to tell your story and create something you will always cherish. 
I shoot in Paris and all over California.
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