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Based In: Dallas/Ft. Worth
Phone: 972-672-8949
Awards Last 3 Years: 3
Shauna Benoit
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About Shauna Benoit:
My journey into photography started back in highschool when I took my first darkroom class. I was hooked. There is something so magically about seeing an image appear before your eyes. I couldn't get enough and went on to major in photography in college. I received my BFA in Photography in 2004 from TWU. I worked for several newspapers and magazines before starting K & S Photography. 
I truly love photographing weddings and the huge celebration they are with those people you love most. It allows me the chance to photograph people and all their range of emotions. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I do not charge a travel fee for anywhere in the DFW metroplex. If you are getting married outside of DFW, the travel fee depends on the distance traveled.
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