Angela Nelson

Based In: Maui. HI
Phone: 8086331432
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Angela Nelson
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About Angela Nelson:
I moved to Hawaii in 2009 with a few suitcases, my husband, and the chance at a new beginning. Even after nearly a decade of living here, I'm inspired by Hawaii's raw beauty and grandeur. 
I'll do what it takes to get the shot - army crawl on my belly, climb a tree, tip toe through lava rocks, and even get waist-deep in the ocean.  
I believe in genuine connection, documentary style shooting, gorgeous light - both natural and manufactured - and the use of Hawaii's epic landscape to showcase your love for one another and this gorgeous island. 
The flowers will wilt, the dress will hang in a closet, the guests will leave - but your photos will stand the test of time. It is my aim to make you feel what your wedding day was like through your photographs.


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