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Rob Rickman

Rob Rickman

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Hi, I'm Rob and I have been photographing professionally since 1996, and am one of Fiji's most renowned photographers. As a former graphic designer, an artistic eye plays heavily in how I compose my shots. I love to travel, and have published 20 photographic books in Fiji, Australia and Germany. 
I'm very easy going - I picked up that friendly nature from my Fijian Mum, who I also happen to share a birthday with. Even though I'm laid back, I am very serious about my work - a trait I picked up from my English Dad! 
I'm incredibly blessed to have loving family around me - I'm a father of 4! Married for 16 years and counting, its always an honor to be there at the start of every wedding and witness a journey of love that is invariably challenging, but definitely fulfilling if steered right.
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