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Based In: South East England
Phone: +447957693916
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Liza O'Malley
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About Liza O'Malley:
My photography is all about the moments. The fun moments, the cutesy incidental moments, the epic moments, the emotional moments, the nervous moments, the crazy party moments, the candid moments - all of the moments that add up to telling the whole story of an wedding day. I love people and get a huge kick out photographing the amazing range of emotions that I see at a wedding. I am an adventure loving, people loving, laid back kind of gal. This means my photography is real, fun, natural and authentic. I get a real kick out of connecting with you, and being a part of your wedding day (albeit a fly on the wall part!), cos that is what my style is all about. I use my creative skills to the max always looking for the right light and interesting compositions.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I shoot weddings in London, Brighton and Sussex. If your wedding is a little bit further afield I charge a bit extra to cover travel and accomodation expenses. These are individually quoted and usually isn't much at all. Please ask! I do love to travel and the thought of a destination wedding makes me tingle with excitement! I frequently shoot weddings in New Zealand and Australia in Jan and Feb so if you are getting married downunder give me a shout, I may be able to fit it in my schedule for not extra travel cost at all.
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