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Willow Haley
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About Willow Haley:
I approach every wedding with one major underlying goal: I want to take the kind of pictures that would make a stranger think "hey - I feel like I know that person!" You love your friends, your family, and your future spouse. My job is to take photos that reveal them as they actually are. 
So yes - I'm going to capture the heartwarming moment when the mother of the bride adjusts her daughter's veil...I'm also going to get the sugar-crazed flower girl who steals the Maid of Honor's fancy bra and uses it as a hat all morning. I'll be there for the ceremonial cutting of the cake...I'll still be watching when the ring bearer starts gnawing the heads off of the cake topper. I'll photograph the touching grace of the parent/child dance, but I'm also going to be snapping away when your crazy uncle has a few too many cocktails and tries to do the Gagnam Style dance to When a Man Loves a Woman. 
In the end, it all boils down to this: I'm not there to write your story. I'm there to help you tell it.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I live and work in New Orleans, LA. Though I adore the Crescent City, I'm always happy to travel. If the location is more than an hour and a half away, I ask that you reserve me a hotel room in the same location as the wedding party. If it's a drive of more than two and a half hours, I charge $75 per hour driven. If air travel is required, I simply require a plane ticket and lodging. Otherwise, no fees are involved.
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