Michael Meeks

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Based In: Indianapolis
Phone: 7654217402
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Michael Meeks
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About Michael Meeks:
My name is Michael and photography is pretty much everything to me. Although, I enjoy photographing my travels, or an occasional concert, my bread and butter, is wedding photography. I really love weddings! I love giant, alcohol infused parties, that last until the sun comes up. I also love small, intimate, gatherings, where the only thing that matters, is that two people are joining forces, to take on the world.  
Most of my wedding photography is simple. I spend a lot of time watching and listening. I'm watching for the minut, in-between moments, that you weren't even aware were happening. I ask, that you trust me, to make a record of your love, that will last a lifetime.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Travel is included anywhere in the continental United States. Foreign travel is custom quoted.
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