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Ivelin Iliev

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My name is Ivelin Iliev, I am a destination wedding photographer from Bulgaria.The photography is emotion and art for me - that is what I try to compose and emphasis in every picture I take. Photography is my passion! I tell a story through my lenses by capturing unforgettable moments, true and sincere emotions as they are happening, hence the reason I am a wedding photographer.

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Ivelin Iliev is not just a photographer, but a real artist in his field. 
Thanks to him, we will preserve and return to the most precious memories and emotions of our wedding. 
We are extremely happy that we had the opportunity to work with him, and this was our perfect choice. 
For us, his work is real art! 
I want to thank Ivelin. He is a great guy and a professional with a super positive and friendly attitude. The photos are more than perfect, every important moment is captured, and even now, when I look at them, I feel the mood and emotion of the people in frame. While I was talking to some of the guests, they even compared him to a cowboy dueling with someone (but instead of pistols, he was equipped with cameras).
An exceptional professional and a great person! You managed to recreate all our emotions in photos, to capture every moment and create amazing memories! Thank you for being part of our wedding day and making it a truly unforgettable one! We are looking forward to meeting you again in the future!

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