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Christopher Alpízar Gaviria

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Hello, my name is Christopher. I'm a Destination wedding photographer based in Costa Rica, I feel really passionate and happy about my work and I love to capture unique, magical and irreplaceable moments.  
If you're getting married in Costa Rica I'd love to be your photographer!  
Whether you're getting married in Guanacaste, Arenal, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo or anywhere in this beautiful country. 
My main goal in a wedding photo shoot is to get to know the couple and find their personal style. As a photographer I am meticulous and I like to be in control of the surroundings without messing with the naturalness and spontaneity of the moment.  
Every couple is unique and has their own style and taste. With my work, I try to create photos that embody the particularities of the couple in every wedding detail. During the wedding, I am the companion of the couple in their magical day. While the bride and groom enjoy their wedding, I capture with my lens all the special and honest moments of happiness that will remain forever. 
Wedding photography is my art and my passion. 
I love to travel and shoot weddings all around the world. I'm open to talk about the date & locations based on your needs for a win-win situation. If you like me to be a part of your wedding feel free to reach me and let's talk about your big day!

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I am traveling constantly, so if I apply for your wedding outside of Costa Rica it is because the location and date match my travel itinerary and you won't incur on my travel fees.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

I'm kind of laid back people, I like to be there, meet your family and close friends. I prefer to the intimate small wedding in a strange location than the big venue formal wedding. And if you check my wedding galleries, you won't find perfect posed pictures illuminated with multiple flashes, you will find just perfect moments.


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