Creative Details

There are a thousand little decisions that go into every wedding—from the earrings, to the aisle decor, to the signature cocktails. Fearless Photographers know that couples put a lot of time and effort into personalizing their events with carefully chosen, often deeply meaningful accessories and decor. Capturing them in truly inventive images can help preserve not only how things looked on your wedding day but also how they felt, not to mention all the fun and anticipation you experience while planning your special day.

Lauren Brimhall
West Chester

Women put a lot of love into selecting their wedding-day accessories—and this photographer spelled it out literally with the bride's special picks. Side lighting brought out all the textures and added a nice sense of depth to the still-life.

Sergey Lapkovsky
New York City

This classy image of the bride's shoes and gown took a left turn when the young man pressed his nose against the glass. Happily, the photographer spotted it as a golden opportunity to create something unexpected!

Lauren Brimhall
West Chester

The creative juxtaposition of hard and soft make this a truly memorable bridal image. In the background, the bride's sharp silhouette against a blue sky is framed in a perfect rectangle. The foreground, in contrast, spills over with soft, white tulle from her crinoline. A gentle depression in the fabric created a soft opening through which her silhouette is viewed.

Todd Laffler
New Jersey

Few American icons are more recognizable than the Statue of Liberty—and few accessories are more symbolic of weddings than the bridal bouquet. This photographer jumped at a chance to bring them together in a clever way and isolated them in the frame for a bold juxtaposition.

Franck Boutonnet

In this modern, complicated age, it's good to see that simplicity can still be appreciated. This simple composition of the gown speaks of refined sophistication, but also anticipation. The warm lamp light against the moss green wall feels calm and still, but we know a flurry of activity is about to unfold.

Lisa Rhinehart

Ladybugs symbolize love, joy, and prosperity—so it's got to be a pretty good sign to have one land on your engagement ring, right? The photographer got super close to capture all the detail, but didn't overlook the opportunity to enhance the image with a sweet pose. Having him hold her hand and lean down to kiss it made the image even more special.

Roberto Vega

WHY WE LOVE THIS PHOTO: This is a bride holding an umbrella, right? Doesn’t matter. This photo is all about the art (!) with its masterful display of colors on the monochromatic ground of distinctive textures. It’s a great use of the high angle - a drone, perhaps, or maybe just from a tall building - to create a clean background. Another nice touch is the right edge of the umbrella does not cross any lines so we are not distracted visually. Bravo!

Julian Kanz

Inside and outside, the day's preparations are well under way—and this photographer juxtaposed these public and private aspects of the process. Through a crisp forest of wine glasses, we spy the far-off bride and her gown. Light colors and a clever perspective make this shot feel fresh and alive with potential.

Todd Laffler
New Jersey

Military dress uniforms are a traditional choice for servicemen at their weddings—but this image gives new meaning to "military dress." The contrast between the pulled-open lapels and the beaded gown revealed beneath makes being a bride seem like her secret identity, or perhaps her superpower!

Lisa Carpenter

Brides invest a lot of time and energy into selecting the details for their wedding attire. And for many women, the perfect shoes are almost as important as the perfect dress—so they warrant a photo that is just as special. This mug rack against a vibrant yellow wall was a clever presentation.

Erika Mann

If a happy marriage is all about balance, this couple is well on their way. Their delicate perch is amazing enough even before you realize it's absolutely pouring down rain! Framed between the mountains in the distance and the rippled surface of the turquoise water, the couple is positioned dead center in the image. It's an unexpected—and daring—image

Melissa Suneson
Puerto Vallarta

In a clever trick of perspective, the photographer used the bride to frame herself. Putting her leg at the tonal bisection (black on the left and white on the right) softened that transition and kept the emphasis on her silhouette. In the foreground, the golden details on her robe, shoes, and henna infuse the image with warmth and luxury.

Inbal Sivan

The soft touch required to place these rings is impressive—but even more inspiring is the creativity and open-to-anything approach that let this photographer identify a totally unexpected setting to shoot the rings. The sparkle and delicate detail of the spider web is a perfect complement to the jewelry.

Daniel Dumbrava

It's not all that often you're looking at a detail shot and realize it's actually a moment too. Here, the groom's cufflinks contained a mirrored element that the photographer used to frame a tiny getting-ready image. Expert positioning and focus made this tricky effect completely successful—and yielded a detail shot that is all the more personalized and meaningful.

Citlalli Rico

This charming shot goes beyond merely documenting the beauty of the bride's jewelry. Instead, the photographer cleverly concocted a love story within a love story, showing her earrings as gifts between young lovers and her bracelet overhead as almost a rainbow.