Kids Moments

As families—and weddings—have become less rigidly traditional over the years, more and more couples are choosing to give children important roles on their special day. For photographers who really know how to observe and connect with the little ones, this creates a treasure trove of potential for sweet and silly images. Dressed to the nines and reacting in unrestrained ways to the excitement of the day, pictures of kids add a whole new perspective to the wedding day documentation. If kids will be be an important part of your wedding, this gallery is sure to make you smile! 
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Barbara Fabbri

Truth is stranger than fiction, and fearless photographers excel in capturing those expectation-defying moments. As helpers tried to wrangle the bride into the car, her uplifted train was momentarily transformed into a picture-perfect backdrop for the young cyclist—and a screen to capture her shadow in perfect profile.

Antonino Gitto

Even when in position for fairly traditional altar shots, great wedding photographers don't let themselves take too narrow a view. Quickly shifting focus to the foreground allowed this photographer to capture the flower girl's saucy wink. It's a subtle moment that adds meaningful depth to the overall story.

Yves Schepers

Take my hand! Facing straight forward, this little girl seems to know exactly what is supposed to happen next. The little boy, pigeon-toed and frowning, is definitely not so sure he's ready for any of it. Shooting from a low angle captured the sweet moment with ethereal backlighting from the open doors.

Gabriel Scharis

If there's one global truth, it may be that we all crave a sweet treat—and these little wedding guests are hot on the trail of of a delicious one. The photographer did a great job of showing their wide-eyed, nervous energy as they waited for the grownups to start doling out slices.