Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are magical. Like the first snow of the season that coats everything in that soft blanket of white. Or those enormous fluffy snowflakes that automatically require us to open our mouths to catch as many as we can.  
There are snow people. And then there are those who licked a pole as a kid, still do snow angels, and tobogganing is their guilty pleasure. Those who believe in the power of mistletoe, snowball fights, and twinkling lights. It’s skis and warm fires, snowshoes and hot cocoa, crampons and touques.  
Those who choose to get married in the depths of the winter know something they want to keep a locked away secret. That sweaters and mittens are more fun than beads of sweat on any Saturday in August. That you can always put more layers on. That kissing the love of your life in snow-capped mountain peaks will melt everything away. And hot toddies make a fine wedding cocktail.  
Let’s honor these couples who braved the slopes, the cold, and the slush, to choose winter wonderland as the backdrop for their day. 
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