Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

This was taken during the reception at the Bride’s uncle’s beautiful home in the Yorkshire Dales.I was originally having a nice conversation with the Groom’s mum (pictured in the grey coat), as I waited around the cake in preparation for the cake cutting. I reeled off a couple frames of the scene, when I noticed the Bride’s grandma was perfectly positioned to be framed within the glass cake dome. I knelt down slightly to position her ‘inside’, and took a step back to ensure the guests in the background were included in the picture.

I’m a big fan of street photography, where humour and frame within frames are common tools. Tavepong Pratoomwong is one such street photographer who loves to play with humour and perspectives, and maybe a bit of his work unconsciously seeped into my thinking here. I think the grandma’s white hair, which blends in with the clouds, helps to slowly unveil her, and adds to the illusion somehow.