Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

Joanna & Daniel are a lovely alternative couple and their wedding was very relaxed, filled with laughter and fun from start to finish. They an extremely close set of friends and I really wanted to make some quirky images for them alongside the “usual” whenever the opportunity presented itself.

This particular image came at the end of a short portrait run where we chased a sunset. We had just created some lovely romantic backlit pictures when we came across some of their friends enjoying the grounds of the venue. With only a few minutes left before we had to get back to the venue, I noticed the large, stretched earlobes of this guest and quickly stopped the couple, asked them to embrace, and rushed around to see if I could frame them inside the hole. I got as close to the guest as I could while still keeping his face in the frame to add to the funny vibe.

I’m sure this won’t be a picture they hang on their wall, but I know it’s one they will smile at whenever they look through their album, and that’s exactly what I wanted from it.