Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

The bride and groom married in the city centre of Chester. They were very keen on having a few photographs with their beloved dogs, so after the ceremony, they had a family friend bring their dogs to the venue.

When the bride and groom went outside, the dogs were beyond excited to see the couple and it did become a bit chaotic, barking, tails wagging, the dogs running back and forth between the bride and groom.The bride picked up one of her dogs to calm him/her down a little and the dog started to frantically lick her face. I was shooting through this scene the whole time and managed to get the brides brilliant expression as the dogs tongue was out.

The couple wanted natural photos with their dogs which suited my style perfectly. Rather than standing and posing with their dogs they now have a real moment which I think adds more to the photo, it's not just a photo to them, it's a memory of that funny moment.