Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

I was in Morimondo to photograph the wedding of Daniela and Nicola. After the preparation, I positioned myself, waiting for the bride to make her entrance at the Morimondo Abbey park, where the couple had obtained permission from the Municipality to enter, as it was a pedestrian village.

After a few minutes of waiting, I saw the bride passing by with the Ape calessino from the street to the right of the arch but in the opposite direction. I thought she would continue her run until the open space a little further ahead to turn. Meanwhile, I let the municipal police car pass, convinced there was enough time to cross, not seeing the bride approaching.

Unexpectedly, the bride made a complete loop around the entire village at a brisk pace and reappeared on the same street to the right of the arch, widening the curve to enter. When Daniela saw the municipal police car, she got scared. Instead of braking, she accelerated, crashing first into the front right side of the police car and then continuing her run, getting wedged between the car and the arch pillar.

I witnessed the whole scene and initially ran towards them. However, realizing I couldn't do anything and considering that I was there to document the events of that day, I raised my camera and took three photos while still in motion. Two photos turned out blurry, but this one, perfectly focused, captured the exact moment when the bride crashed between the pillar and the car. You can see part of the broken headlight that hasn't touched the ground yet. The expression on the bride's face tells the whole story.

I was very frightened, fearing that Daniela might hit the glass of the Ape and hurt herself, spending the wedding day in the hospital. Fortunately, she was unharmed, and we could go through the entire day without further incidents, except for an Ape calessino a bit battered in some photos.