Joshua Grasso

Georgia wedding photographer Joshua Grasso grew up in a blue-collar suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The move to his current location in Buford, situated between Atlanta and Athens, was a decision made in pursuit of a teaching job and warmer weather. But Joshua’s Detroit upbringing is never far from his mind. “It was not the most exciting place to grow up,” he says, “but it taught me about real people, work ethic, and a lot of gratitude for all the good things I have.”

Topping the list of those “good things” is his family. Joshua married his high-school sweetheart eleven years ago. “It rained and we are still together, so I guess we had good luck,” he says. “It was a nice ceremony at an Estate and then a low-key reception at a local Polish hall. My favorite part was pulling up to Burger King in our limo—and the bridal party hanging out with our crowns on, eating fast food. I wish we’d had a good photographer to capture that!” The couple now has two little girls, and Joshua says fatherhood is his most important job. “Fatherhood is the ultimate responsibility and with responsibility comes great meaning and reward.” 

Focusing on that core value of family is also what ultimately led Joshua to his career in wedding photography. “I was initially drawn to having a creative outlet and started photography as a hobby,” he says. “I was drawn next to photojournalism as a way to learn about the world and its humans—and then to wedding photography as a way to observe family stories and emotions.” As a dad, Joshua says he has a particular knack for for getting great expressions or fun, quirky photos with kids.  
When we asked Joshua what he considered one of his best photos, his answer also centered on family. “I don’t know about my best image professionally, but my best personal photo is one that shows my wife and daughters laughing together. It captures what I love about them, and their love for each other. Since they are the most important things in my world, that photo has the most impact on me.”  
Joshua cites a quote from Henry Ford as some of his favorite words to live by: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” If he could pass on one life lesson to people, he says it would involve a similar sentiment, about learning to be happy and focusing on finding meaning. For Joshua, that is what he has found in his own family and in the opportunity to document the lives of new families, beginning on their wedding day. 
Joshua Grasso | USA | Fearless since 2014