Dario Dusio

Italian wedding photographer Dario Dusio makes his home in Turin with his wife and two daughters—but no house plants. “If I try to grow plants, they die,” he laughs. 

A self-confessed geek who loves t-shirts, loud music, and Lego, Dario brings a strong technology background, a love of precision, and a passion for authenticity to his work. Being a photographer was a career that captured his imagination from a young age. “I wanted to do it from when I was sixteen,” he says. “I wanted to be free to see different places and people every day. To create something that can last and that make people happy and let them remember that happiness.” 
Embracing that dream and making it happen for himself reflects his overall philosophy about what makes a good life. “If you don’t do what you love every day, you die inside and your body starts to feel bad—very bad,” he says. For Dario, photography is what keeps him feeling good. “It’s a life where I can decide my road every day.” And move forward he does, citing his strong will and positive attitude as consistent strengths that have helped him achieve his personal and creative goals.  
One of his favorite lyrics, from The Struts, says: “Never look back and say / Could have been me.” It’s a song he uses to remind himself keep pushing forward in life, and to do it without regrets. If that makes him sound a little intense—he agrees. “Sometimes I need to be more quiet, talk less,” he laughs. “Sometimes my wave of positivity and energy can scare insecure people.” 
Dario says his work stands out because it is well crafted technically, but even more so because it’s genuine. He’s always striving to create his next great image. “My best photo is the next one,” he says, noting that what makes a photo great is often not something obviously “spectacular.” What he looks for is a deep expression of people’s emotions—like when the dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress and starts to cry. “I like spectacular photo, but I think that a meaningful photo is more important than a beautiful photo,” he says. 
That’s exactly the experience he sought in his own wedding—with just under thirty guests gathered in a small, medieval village in Liguria, overlooking the sea. “Nothing fancy,” he says. “We just wanted to have the people that mean the most close to us.” 
Dario Dusio | Italy | Fearless since 2018