Pasquale Minniti

Italian wedding photographer Pasquale Minniti lives in Reggio Calabria, a town on the Messina Strait that separates the Italian Peninsula from Sicily. There, he lives with two dogs and his soon-to-be wife. They are currently planning their own wedding. 
While Italy is home, Pasquale says that Indian culture is the one that most inspires and fascinates him. “In recent years, I have started to look at life differently, thanks to my travels in India and Cambodia,” he says. “This has allowed me to change my photography and my way of life.” The idea that changing the way you think can change the way you live is something he considers fundamental to his work. When he’s not traveling, Pasquale says he enjoys studying Indian culture. He just started reading “The City of Joy,” by Dominique Lapierre, and follows the news on causes and projects in India, particularly those working to improve the lives of women and children. 
Another main source of inspiration for Pasquale’s work is films. “I love watching films, studying the light and shots,” he says. Above all, however, he strives to allow his own unique style to shine through in his images. “I let myself be inspired by everything,” he says. That means his photography is largely rooted in his love of family. “I believe that love makes the difference—and for me, today, it is my inspiration. Working with love and for love.” In fact, when we asked him for his favorite quote to live by, he cited Mahatma Gandhi: “Where there is love there is life. 

Pasquale enjoys making wedding photography that is full of emotion and style, and he values the opportunity to become friends with each couple. “I try to focus on simplicity, on emotions,” he says. “For me, the best photo is always the one that makes my customers happy. In every shot, the emotion of the moment is the most important thing.” To Pasquale, simple photos that reveal the real moment are the ones that have lasting value. 

Never one to rest on his laurels, Pasquale says he strives to stay humble and work hard—two qualities that help him grow as an artist. Joining Fearless Photographers was part of that process for him. “It became a challenge for me. It pushed me to review my photographs, to think differently,” he says. “For me, being fearless is a great challenge, but not a challenge with other photographers. It is a challenge with myself. Every year, I ask myself, “How far can I get?’”  
Pasquale Minniti | Italy | Fearless since 2013