90+ Wedding Cake Moments

Let's cut the cake! 
The tradition of cutting the wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome, where a cake made of grain or barley was broken over the head of the bride as a symbol of fertility and good fortune. In medieval England, a wedding cake was made of stacked wheat buns that the groom and bride would attempt to kiss over, with the belief that if they were successful, they would have a lifetime of prosperity and happiness. 
The tradition of cutting the wedding cake has evolved into a more symbolic and fun gesture. The wedding cake is usually a large, elaborately decorated cake that is served to the guests at the wedding reception. The cutting of the cake is typically performed by the couple as a way to symbolize their commitment to each other and their shared future. It is common for the couple to feed each other a small piece of cake as a sign of their love and devotion to each other. 
Cake smashing has become a popular trend among couples who want to add a unique and memorable touch to their wedding photos. It is often done as a surprise for the spouse, with the ready photographer capturing the moment. Some couples choose to do a full-on cake smash, while others opt for a more subtle approach, such as gently smudging a small amount of frosting on each other's noses or cheeks. 
The Wedding Day