Nuno Lopes

Fun | Real | Creative  
Weddings is a special day, full of emotions, funny moments, and we have the important mission to save all the moments in unforgettable memories. Memories that will eternize smiles, freeze tears, extend the smiles for years, and mainly all the love and party of the most important day of the couple.  
For me, more than be one more supplier, I love to live the wedding as a guest, feel all that vibe, all the fun, all the tears, and make that count to my photographs. More than all technics we are like artists creating a book, we write with images, with moments. And for me that is the part I really love, put the fun, the real moments and my creative mind side by side. Because each wedding is different and we need to deliver different images.
Nuno Lopes | Portugal | Fearless since 2019