Matteo Carta

Italian wedding photographer Matteo Carta makes his home in Sardinia. “It is a wonderful island in the Mediterranean sea. It is known by many as a paradise with crystal clear seas and white beaches,” he says. “In reality, there is much more—with infinite hiking trails, traditions, and being in Italy, the good food can’t be missed.” 
Matteo embarked on his wedding photography career shortly after learning he was about to become a parent. “I found myself faced with a choice for the future,” he recalls. “Honestly, I wasn’t so interested in University because I spent my time completely on photography. My wife helped me make the decision—and I basically did a leap into the dark. It was one of the happiest choices I ever made.” 
Today, he says his wife remains a major inspiration and helps him directly in selecting images and content to build an expressive narrative for his clients and for his business. “I am very, very critical toward my own work and I never want to expose myself. Moreover, I don’t really like social networks—so my wife’s help has been and is fundamental.” 
His kids (he’s now a father to two) are another source of inspiration, particularly when it comes to determination and compassion. “The first-born taught me the tenacity and determination to get results, despite any difficulties,” he says. “The youngest has always been the one who helps, who is willing to sacrifice and support those he loves.” 
Matteo has also discovered a love of building simple toys—helmets, castles, swords etc. “I enjoy experimenting with them and I am proud when I see that those are the toys my kids care about most.” 
Matteo’s appreciation for such simple, heartfelt pleasures is reflected in his work behind the camera. “I believe that the strength of my work is in capturing moments and small stories within the wedding day,” he says. “I am always attuned to the emotions that the person in front of me is living. Photography is very personal. I love to tell stories without filters—to be on the sidelines, without intervening, to show what happens from my point of view. I am constantly focused, because I know how much value those memories have.”  
When we asked Matteo what he considered his “best” photo, he identified another moment with strong emotional value. “The photo I’m particularly in love with captured a very intimate moment between a grandmother and a granddaughter,” he says. “Due to illness, the grandmother was unable to attend the wedding. So the bride went to her home after the ceremony. The words that she whispered made me cry—to the point of not being able to see clearly from the viewfinder whether I had managed to capture the moment! It was a very strong and significant moment for them—and for me. I was unable to have my grandparents with me on my wedding day, so I knew how precious this memory was.” 
As a dad of young kids, Matteo is especially aware that time often seems to move more quickly than we would like. “This is why I believe that photography is an strong tool to help us not forget about real and, above all, significant moments like weddings,” he says. This understanding keeps him motivated and growing, always striving to be better at the job he loves—and to keep creating meaningful images that help us hang on to those simple emotions that mean everything.  
Matteo Carta | Italy | Fearless since 2018