Laurentiu Nica

Laurentiu Nica, wedding photographer in Romania, grew up in Caracal and now makes his home in rural Olt County, about 2.5 hours west of the capital city of Bucharest. When he got started in photography, it was documenting events as a photojournalist. Laurentiu says he is, by nature, a little reserved and not inclined to be talkative with just anyone. In fact, at the beginning of his career behind the camera, he was actually afraid to photograph people. 
Over the past thirteen years, however, that fear has evaporated and he now says he’s in love with wedding photography and the time he gets to spend focusing on the people in front of his lens. It’s that new passion for connecting with people that he says makes his work stand out. “I like to capture real moments, emotions, and reactions,” he says. “People inspire me. Expressive people. Intelligent people.” 
Loving wedding photography meant pushing himself to grow as a communicator. “A large part of a wedding photographer’s job is communication. To feel good with your client, to have a connection—a rapport—and to understand his expectation from you as a professional.” 
This transformation is proof of Laurentiu’s personal philosophy: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Whether its winter sports (he favors skiing), personal relationships, or professional objectives, Laurentiu says it is important to experiment and learn. “Never be afraid of mistakes,” he says. “Never stop dreaming and enjoying every little part of everyday life. Be the better version of you!” 
And if the unexpected happens? Go with it! Laurentiu says that one of his favorite images was actually created somewhat by mistake. “I didn’t see how good it was when I had the camera in my hand,” he says. “At home, in the editing process, I discovered it. The picture is funny. and you can see the people’s reactions on their faces. You can feel the moment.” 
Asked to define what being “fearless” means to him, Laurentiu reiterarted his commitment to both taking chances and finding opportunities. “I want to be fearless as a photographer and fearless in daily life. A better version of me—beyond my mental limitations.” 
Laurentiu Nica | Romania | Fearless since 2016