Eirik Halvorsen

Colorful | Artistic | Connection  
Eirik Halvorsen is a Norway wedding photographer based in his hometown of Stavanger. While his family at home consists of his wife and their cat, he feels part of a much bigger family through his connections in the photographic community.  
In fact, Eirik’s career in wedding photography began through working with the photographer at his own wedding! Until that day, Eirik had photographed bands, seniors, and models. He had also worked at a newspaper and photographed landscapes.  
“When Jeff Newsom came and stayed in our guest room and hung out with us, things changed for me. We hired him to document our wedding, but it was so much more,” he says. “That was the first time I saw wedding photography in a completely different light. Wedding photography didn’t have to be boring or a certain style. By pursuing wedding photography I have learned to capture people and their connections with their loved ones.” He now finds it incredibly rewarding to help families remember people and faces from a certain moment in time. 
The long list of photo specialties Eirik explored before becoming primarily a wedding photographer hints at his endless curiosity and perseverance when learning new things—and that doesn’t stop with photography. He is the former drummer in a death metal band, and says, “I’m amongst the six best manual coffee brewers in Norway 2019.” 
That sense of curiosity leads him to be playful and willing to take risks. One of his favorite quotes is from Michael Jordan: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” In Eirik’s case, that attitude translates into wedding photography that is vibrant and colorful.  
“I am bold and dare to ‘just go with it,’” he says. “Instead of pre-planning locations and ideas, I like to be inspired right there and then during the course of the wedding day. I try to stay away from clichés and I suggest something different. I also try to build my clients’ trust in me—so when I suggest a crazy idea that came to me on their wedding day, they always say yes.” It’s also integral to his definition of being a Fearless Photographer: “Daring to ask questions. Getting in closer. Photographing the not-so-good or unexpected stuff as well as the good stuff.” 
It’s that mix of things that Eirik says gives life meaning. “I think a good life is very individual. To me a good life is being healthy, contributing to the greater good by being positive and helpful, and taking care of the people around me in the world we live in.” Accordingly, he is a supporter of Amnesty International and committed to taking care of our planet.  
In closing, we asked Eirik what words of advice he’d like to pass on. He said, “Failure is only failure if you give up. Keep going. You just haven’t succeeded yet.” And if you need a little break, you might try joining Erik in his favorite guilty pleasure: watching YouTube videos of Korean street food vendors cooking! 
Eirik Halvorsen | Norway | Fearless since 2014