Gabriel Scharis

Amsterdam wedding photographer Gabriel Scharis grew up in The Netherlands and continues to make his home there with his fiancé and extended family. The couple is currently planning their own wedding for September of 2020.

Gabriel’s choice of wedding photography as a career stems from a simple love of documenting people’s lives. Whether in motion or still imagery, he looks for ways to infuse every frame with creativity—even if it takes a long time to bring that vision to life or challenges his own fears. For example, creating the photo entitled “Through the Chandelier” forced him to confront his personal fear of heights. Gabriel credits his ease with people and a natural ability with directing them as a major factor in helping him execute his ideas.

That “just do it” attitude is a hallmark of Gabriel’s approach to his life and his work. He loves making photos that are very hard to create—especially ones that involve new compositions or lighting concepts, challenging circumstances, or split-second timing to capture the right moment. 

“I love to work hard. I always try to make photos better and better and work harder and harder to get there,” he says.  
Above all, Gabriel loves to live life to the fullest—with his family by his side, and no indulgence off limits. “I’m a big spender and love to go out for diner every day of the week or spend my weekends in hotels,” he says. 

According to Gabriel, life is to be enjoyed, without too much time spent dwelling on the the sad things. Asked for his favorite quote, he says, “Today is not yesterday, but also not tomorrow.”  
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