Foundation Workshop 18

Now extended to 5 days, the Foundation Workshop in 2018 (FW18) offers wedding photographers the unique opportunity to work closely with the world’s best documentary wedding photographers and photography teachers.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, workshop students will explore and develop their photojournalistic skills through the process of shooting and editing a complete photo story of real subjects.  Students will be challenged to approach their real assignments creatively and encouraged to shoot passionately while establishing a foundation for learning the skills and perspective of a photojournalist.

FW18 Details

Dates:  January 16-20, 2018 (Tuesday – Saturday = 5 days)

Location: Glen Rose, TX (near Dallas – Ft. Worth)

Tentative Schedule: (subject to changes)

Day 0 Monday Jan. 15, 2018 –  travel day, everyone arrives, pre-workshop dinner at 7 pm

Day 1 Tuesday Jan. 16 – Workshop
Day 2 Wednesday Jan. 17 – Workshop
Day 3 Thursday Jan. 18 – Workshop
Day 4 Friday Jan. 19 – Workshop
Day 5 Saturday Jan. 20 – Workshop

Day 6 Sunday Jan. 21 – travel day, everyone departs for home

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the workshop:

Wow! It’d better be a great workshop!
We have been at this for over 15 years (28 workshops) and we believe in the process! You will be getting the full attention of the best photographers and teachers in the industry in a setting like no other.

There were about 1:1 staff-student ratio at the last workshop. Isn’t that a lot?
We want to provide you an intimate and intense learning experience. Our workshops have always had an incredible student-to-faculty ratio of almost 1:1 to maximize your personalized attention. Many of the workshop instructors have gone through the workshop process themselves and all are dedicated to your learning process.

How does the team system work?
Each team has 2 instructors for 4-5 students. Because the teams function as independent units, each team is free to customize its schedule and procedures to suit the needs of its students. Students will be receiving instruction visits by the instructors in the field on each shooting day. After shooting, the team will gather for editing and discussion.

Can I choose my instructors?
No. The Workshop selects the students for the teams.

Can we edit my work in private?
We learn not only from examining our own work but from that of others. The editing sessions are conducted with the whole team present. It’s an invaluable process to begin to understand how other photographers think and see.

What skill level should I be at to make the most of the workshop?
Students should already be very familiar with using camera gear in a variety of situations. The teams will not spend a lot of time and energy teaching students how to use a camera.

Do I need digital equipment? What should I bring?
You’ll only need the basic digital equipment : two digital bodies, a wide lens, a medium lens, a long lens, flash, and CF cards. You’ll be shooting JPGs. You can bring a laptop for personal use and your own image backup, but you will not be needing it for the workshop.

Will I have to come up with my own photo story assignment?
No. Students will be given an assignment that best meets their needs. The assignment subjects will have been contacted and their participation confirmed.

Will we be discussing post-production techniques at the workshop?
No. Photoshop is only a tool to process the images from your story. We will focus our time at the workshop exclusively on the processes of seeing and capturing those images, not on post-production methods.

Will we be discussing the business of wedding photography at the workshop?
Yes. Somewhat. However, the main focus of Foundation Workshop is on seeing and thinking and shooting differently. There is no specific time planned for discussions of business matters, but they will occur sporadically throughout the workshop.

I heard that participants did not get a lot of sleep during past workshops. Is that true?
Unfortunately, that’s true. The workshop is very intense, full of challenges and interesting people. Fueled by their passion for photography, many participants find it difficult to rest when immersed in such an environment.

However, the Workshop has been expanded to 5 days so students can get additional rest.

Will there be any other organized social activities for fun?
Not really. Photography is fun!