23 Real Weddings to Love

Twenty outstanding photographs demonstrate the creative artistry photographers bring to each moment of each wedding to tell a truly captivating story of the couple's unique celebration.

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Elena Haralabaki (Athens, Greece) Photo by Elena Haralabaki (Athens, Greece)
Gabriel Scharis (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Gabriel Scharis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Ronan Jégaden (Paris, France) Photo by Ronan Jégaden (Paris, France)
Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy) Photo by Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy)
Robison Kunz (Porto Alegre, Brazil) Photo by Robison Kunz (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Jesus Ochoa (Caracas, Venezuela) Photo by Jesus Ochoa (Caracas, Venezuela)
Vlad Lodoaba (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Vlad Lodoaba (Bucharest, Romania)
Will Han (New York City) Photo by Will Han (New York City)
Sérgio Nogueira (Porto, Portugal) Photo by Sérgio Nogueira (Porto, Portugal)
Pedro Vilela (Lisbon, Portugal) Photo by Pedro Vilela (Lisbon, Portugal)
Khoi Le (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam) Photo by Khoi Le (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam)
Rafa Martell (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Rafa Martell (Madrid, Spain)
Graziano Guerini (Verona, Italy) Photo by Graziano Guerini (Verona, Italy)
Diego Moura (Toronto, ON) Photo by Diego Moura (Toronto, ON)
Pedro Bento (Lisbon, Portugal) Photo by Pedro Bento (Lisbon, Portugal)
Pasquale Minniti (Rome, Italy) Photo by Pasquale Minniti (Rome, Italy)
Laurentiu Nica (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Laurentiu Nica (Bucharest, Romania)
Wasan Chirdchom (Phuket, Thailand) Photo by Wasan Chirdchom (Phuket, Thailand)
Andra Dragan (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Andra Dragan (Bucharest, Romania)
Ivelin Iliev (Burgas, Bulgaria) Photo by Ivelin Iliev (Burgas, Bulgaria)
Olivier Fréchard (Strasbourg, France) Photo by Olivier Fréchard (Strasbourg, France)
Eric Parey (Tarragona, Spain) Photo by Eric Parey (Tarragona, Spain)
Guilherme Bastian (Bento Gonçalves RS, Brazil) Photo by Guilherme Bastian (Bento Gonçalves RS, Brazil)
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