After 10 years and 17 conferences, the Fearless Conference has evolved into a unique gathering unlike any other wedding photographers event. It’s not just about photography anymore.

At FC2018 in Split, Croatia, you will connect with inspirational people, challenge your own mindset, refine your purpose and find yourself a part of something bigger. And you will be making a direct financial contribution to environmental efforts as all profits from this conference will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

These amazing speakers have been carefully selected not just for their accomplishments in photography but also for their unique voices in their commitment to helping others. More than just good photographers, they are good people.

Hope to see you there!

This conference is sold out!

The Fearless Conferences are our most important fundraising events in support of environmental responsibility. All profit from this Conference will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Conference venue
Kino Karaman


There is no official hotel for FC2018.
You may stay where ever you wish



21:00 – Meetup @ Pivarij (Trogirska 7, 21000)

09:30 – Doors Open
10:00 – Start of Conference
10:30 – NATAN SANS
12:30 – Lunch (on your own)
14:00 – Musical Surprise & Short Presentations
16:00 – Break
17:30 – CAFA LIU
Dinner on your own

08:30 – Photo Critiques (Optional)
10:00 – Musical Surprise
12:30 – Lunch (on your own)
14:00 – Musical Surprise & Short Presentations
16:00 – Break
16:30 – ROCIO VEGA
Dinner on your own
22:00 – Party @ a location to be announced later


Registration is Closed


Fearless conferences are those conferences where you get inspired to grow not just to be. Where speakers want to be equal to the attendees, where networking is not working, where people sing not shout, where people support not compete, where you not just listen but above all feel. Where you not only get inspired but emotionally moved by people’s honesty and heart.

When you finally come home you emotionally realise you have won a second family and you feel ready to strive to be you (and just you) in your passion called work.

Philippe SwiggersBelgium

This was my first Fearless Conference and it was all I expected and more. I absorbed the knowledge that was freely shared by some of the finest photographers around and some that I really do look up to. I felt both blown away and empowered by not only the speakers but the people that attended. I have made some great friends there and a few special ones too! In the past I have attended several different conferences however Fearless stands out head and shoulders above all others. The sense on family and community is beautiful. I feel inspired to share my knowledge and have a great sense to help, teach and inspire others as a result.

Jon HarperUK

Dealing with so many good photographers and many beautiful people made me grow humanly and photographically. It’s amazing the atmosphere inside the Fearless Photographers family. We need this kind of things to continue to be motivated in everything we do + personally know the people you follow on the web is incredibly fantastic.

Donatella BarberaItaly

It’s a way to become more consious about your photography and who you are as a person in this. You get good tools to develop yourself. Besides this, everybody from every country is feeling connected as a photographer. A lot of friends are made during the fearless conference and the party’s are awesome. It’s like coming home and meeting your family.

Isabelle Hattink Netherlands

A Fearless Conference is like a class trip for wedding photographers where you meet all of your friends and fiend new ones. Also it is like a psychologist who catches your inner fears to help you get over them and a career consultant who discovers your hidden talents to make you a better photographer and human being.

Alexander ZieglerGermany

It’s not quite a technique or sales conference, more of an inspirational conference about the importance of photography and giving back.

Josh JonesUSA

Fearless Photographers is a conference where you will be inspired by legitimate speakers, to make meaningful photography. You’ll be inspired to be your best self, since the proceeds go to the Environmental Defense Fund. You’ll connect with others in a way you haven’t before, and create lasting friendships, in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. No one will try to sell you anything, in the down-to-earth, intimate setting. And, party…you will party!

I would encourage future attendees to take the plunge and go! I wish I had connected with Fearless Photographers earlier in my career. I probably could have found my way to where I am now, sooner. I could have avoided falling into a trap of thinking I needed to do what other photographers were doing. I’ve known about Fearless Photographers for a long time, and had inklings that it was a good direction for me. When I decided to focus on moments, I began to find my way to Fearless Photographers, and I’m so glad I did.

Melissa KelseyUSA

Compared to WPPI, FC Europe is refreshing. All the speakers didn’t just talk about getting better for your sake, but for your clients. When they did talk about how to get better in photography, they actually taught something useful. Not just believe in your self type of speech. They made me ask questions to myself that dug deeper. And even though everyone who attended were accomplished photographers in their own right, I didn’t sense any ego. It felt more like a homecoming of some sort. Like a family.

Lyn BennettUSA

You will understand, that Photography is not just about making photos.

Roman Matejov Germany

The energy and vibe you get in this conference is great value!

Yiannis SotiropoulosGreece

Probably the conference will be the biggest milestone in your photography career.

Ufuk SarisenTurkey

There is a lot of crying, hugging, soul searching, affirmation, A ha! moments and partying – come prepared to have a good time. You come as strangers and leave as family.

Anna Nguyen USA

Come with an open mind and an open heart. The conference has cathartic moments that force you to peel at your own layers, but such an outpouring of inspiration and motivation to get you back to the root of how this job (wedding photography) is so much bigger than the surface. Come to fearless, to be brave enough to expose your insecurities and heal among family.

Brooke PriceUSA

It’s an extremely intimate gathering of photographers where there are no barriers. It’s like a bunch of photographers getting together to discuss what challenges they face and what inspires them the most.

Raheel GaubaUSA

Storytelling at its best. Incredible stories that push you and inspire you to follow your own path despite all obstacles. Food for the heart and the mind. Less technical topics.

Susanne HeikerGermany

Although the conference was about photography in general, I feel like we all had something in common. We all want to do something bigger than us, getting involved in other projects to (somehow) give back.

Mary SandovalUSA

Most Fearless conferences have been equal parts Inspiration, Information and Celebration.

Lauren BrimhallUSA

It’s a conference for photographers who are looking to challenge their preconceptions and find their path to reaching their potential. You’ll meet 125-150 new best friends.

Joe AppelUSA

Every year I come home from Conference, recharged, refocused, encouraged, expanded, inspired, and more in tune and aligned to my inner purpose after a year of working distractions.

Jeremy Minnerick USA

Practical, communal learning with an emphasis on community and betterment.

Dave ShayUSA

Enlightening, inspiring and something that everyone should attend at least once a year  !

Mari HarsanUSA

I’ve only been to the one in US, and about that I would say- inspiring not only on the photography level but also on a human level.

Mary SandovalUSA

Inspirational and wild.

Sandra VillarroelUSA

Meeting passionated photographers. Learning from the best. And party like an animal.

Lyan van FurthNetherlands