Fearless Conference 2017

Now in its 9th year – and 12 conferences – the Fearless Conference has evolved into a unique gathering unlike any other wedding photographers event. It’s not just about photography anymore. We have grown.

These 10 speakers have been carefully selected not just for their photographic skills but also for their unique voices in their commitment to helping others. More than just good photographers, they are good people.

At FC2017, you will connect with inspirational people, challenge your own mindset, refine your purpose and find yourself a part of something bigger. And you will be making a direct financial contribution to environmental efforts as all profits from this conference will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

We hope to see you in Budapest in March!


Our speakers are not (yet) rockstars in the industry. We’re committed to hearing from fresh voices and emerging photographers in their authentic voices.


ISABELLE HATTINK – The Netherlands








This conference is open to all photographers.

The Fearless Conferences are our most important fundraising events in support of environmental responsibility. All profit from this Conference will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Conference venue:
Toldi Art Theater

Conference hotel:
we recommend the Art’otel, but you can stay wherever you like

Monday March 20 – Pre-Conference Meetup at 9 pm
Tuesday March 21 – Conference from 9 am – 7 pm
Wednesday March 22 – Conference from 9 am – 7 pm; FC2017 Party from 10 pm

Master Classes
Some speakers may schedule a Master Class on March 20 or March 23 at an additional cost.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to register for the FC2017, please use the links below:
(100% refundable within 24 hours if you change your mind, but you won’t)

Price per person: $299 USD
(price does not include travel, lodging, food or master class)

But wait, before you register….

take a moment to read comments from past attendees. The Fearless Conference is really different from other conference!

It’s not quite a technique or sales conference, more of an inspirational conference about the importance of photography and giving back.

Josh JonesUSA

You will understand, that Photography is not just about making photos.

Roman Matejov Germany

Fearless Photographers is a conference where you will be inspired by legitimate speakers, to make meaningful photography. You’ll be inspired to be your best self, since the proceeds go to the Environmental Defense Fund. You’ll connect with others in a way you haven’t before, and create lasting friendships, in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. No one will try to sell you anything, in the down-to-earth, intimate setting. And, party…you will party!

I would encourage future attendees to take the plunge and go! I wish I had connected with Fearless Photographers earlier in my career. I probably could have found my way to where I am now, sooner. I could have avoided falling into a trap of thinking I needed to do what other photographers were doing. I’ve known about Fearless Photographers for a long time, and had inklings that it was a good direction for me. When I decided to focus on moments, I began to find my way to Fearless Photographers, and I’m so glad I did.

Melissa KelseyUSA

Compared to WPPI, FC Europe is refreshing. All the speakers didn’t just talk about getting better for your sake, but for your clients. When they did talk about how to get better in photography, they actually taught something useful. Not just believe in your self type of speech. They made me ask questions to myself that dug deeper. And even though everyone who attended were accomplished photographers in their own right, I didn’t sense any ego. It felt more like a homecoming of some sort. Like a family.

Lyn BennettUSA

The energy and vibe you get in this conference is great value!

Yiannis SotiropoulosGreece

Probably the conference will be the biggest milestone in your photography career.

Ufuk SarisenTurkey

It’s a way to become more consious about your photography and who you are as a person in this. You get good tools to develop yourself. Besides this, everybody from every country is feeling connected as a photographer. A lot of friends are made during the fearless conference and the party’s are awesome.

Isabelle Hattink Netherlands

There is a lot of crying, hugging, soul searching, affirmation, A ha! moments and partying – come prepared to have a good time. You come as strangers and leave as family.

Anna Nguyen USA

Come with an open mind and an open heart. The conference has cathartic moments that force you to peel at your own layers, but such an outpouring of inspiration and motivation to get you back to the root of how this job (wedding photography) is so much bigger than the surface. Come to fearless, to be brave enough to expose your insecurities and heal among family.

Brooke PriceUSA

It’s an extremely intimate gathering of photographers where there are no barriers. It’s like a bunch of photographers getting together to discuss what challenges they face and what inspires them the most.

Raheem GaubaUSA

Storytelling at its best. Incredible stories that push you and inspire you to follow your own path despite all obstacles. Food for the heart and the mind. Less technical topics.

Susanne HeikerGermany

Although the conference was about photography in general, I feel like we all had something in common. We all want to do something bigger than us, getting involved in other projects to (somehow) give back.

Mary SandovalUSA

Most Fearless conferences have been equal parts Inspiration, Information and Celebration.

Lauren BrimhallUSA

It’s a conference for photographers who are looking to challenge their preconceptions and find their path to reaching their potential. You’ll meet 125-150 new best friends.

Joe AppelUSA

Every year I come home from Conference, recharged, refocused, encouraged, expanded, inspired, and more in tune and aligned to my inner purpose after a year of working distractions.

Jeremy Minnerick USA

Practical, communal learning with an emphasis on community and betterment.

Dave ShayUSA

Enlightening, inspiring and something that everyone should attend at least once a year  !

Mari HarsanUSA

I’ve only been to the one in US, and about that I would say- inspiring not only on the photography level but also on a human level.

Mary SandovalUSA

Master Classes

VÍCTOR LAX: Master Class
Thursday March 23

In addition to my lecture I will be able to have the luck to do an intensive workshop of 8 hours the day after of the Conference (23th March).

This will be my only Workshop in Europe in the coming months and I would like it to be a very personalized workshop, with a maximum capacity of 10 students.

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My mission is to show my way of seeing wedding photography, what is its meaning for me and my way into it.
I will thoroughly break down several moments of different weddings, analyzing in detail how I worked in each moment, how I solved the problems that emerged and how I came out. I do not want my workshop to end up in a nice photo shoot, but rather how I got to them making a lot of mistakes before.

Join a really intensive 8 hour workshop where I will share the whole experience of my career as a wedding photographer, making a truly participatory workshop in which not only I the person who speaks. Of course, I will make a practical session explaining in detail the different techniques I have done in my last sessions and some tricks on editing and developing to find your most personal imprint.

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I want to form the best possible group, which never exceeds 10 people so that everyone has the possibility to ask and participate.

This workshop is designed and studied in detail to show the simple and most direct way to find a really creative wedding photograph, which will make the difference and be the first foundation to tell a story that identifies us.

The price of the workshop is 450 € per person. Do not hesitate for a second to get in touch with me to ask me for all the detailed information about the program that I will impart over the two days directly to my personal email; victor@victorlax.net

I´m waiting for you!!


KIRSTEN LEWIS: Family Photojournalism
Monday March 20 from 9-6pm
Lunch 1-2pm
Location to be determined

Topics to be explored:
Using Available Light
Compositional Storytelling
Moment Driven Pictures
The Elements of Picture Making
Anticipation and Preparation
Critique and Site Review
Case Studies: you’ll look at contact sheets from some of Kirsten’s most well known pictures

Price: 500 Euros.
Only FC2017 attendees may register for this class
For additional information or to register for this class, please contact Kirsten directly at Kirsten@kirstenlewisphoto.com

ISABELLE HATTINK: Private 1-on-1 Mentoring

2 hours of a personalised, private, one-one session

Sunday March 19 and Monday March 20
Location to be determined

Topics to be explored:
– critique of a full wedding
– site and portfolio review

Price: 250 Euros
Spots: 5

Only FC2017 attendees may register for this class
For additional information or to register for this class, please contact Isabelle directly at info@fotobelle.nl

Thursday March 23 – 8 hours
Location to be determined
Maximum 12 students.

The goal of this workshop is to share with you my experience and my tips. I will analyse my way of working to explain in details «How I photographed my best pictures». To go beyond the theory I will show you short videos realised in true conditions. We will finish by portfolio critiques.

Topics to be explored:
The Wedding PhotoJournalism
How to give meaning to your images
How to give strength to your images
How to find your own identity
Portfolio critiques

Price: 380€
Only FC2017 attendees may register for this class
For additional information or to register for this class, please contact William directly on this link http://www.williamlambelet.com/contact or williamlambelet@hotmail.fr


Date – Thursday March 23
Cost – 350 euro. An advance payment 50 euro or 380$ and an advance payment of 60$
Email: frantova12@gmail.com

Program –

1.Reportage – decisive moment
2.Why do people decide to have a wedding? Why do they invite a photographer
3.We all shoot the same! What shall we do about it?
4.Techniques that can enrich your photography style
5.How to get new skills in wedding photography.
6.Where to look for inspiration
7.Wedding story (storyline). How to make it interesting and holding attention.

If interested, please contact Julia directly at frantova12@gmail.com