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We asked our Fearless members to show and share some thoughts about their one favorite wedding photo.

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Patrycja Janik (Dusseldorf, Germany) Photo by Patrycja Janik (Dusseldorf, Germany)
PATRYCJA: This summer 2018 I broke my left foot. Of course that was a kind of shock for me as I thought, my wedding season will be over now. But I definitely didn't want to give it up like this. So I got myself up, contacted a friend of mine, who is a photographer too, she was there for asssistance - and what can I say - we rocked that shit!

This picture is so important for me, because this situation showed to myself, that I have more resoluteness than I ever imagined. I could have lay down at home and make somebody else take over my weddings, but then this photo would never exist. I am so happy I did that! This is my personal epic wedding pic!

Patrycja Janik is a professional wedding photographer in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Alberto Parejo (Seville, Spain) Photo by Alberto Parejo (Seville, Spain)
ALBERTO: For me it is my favorite for the moment so real lived there and for the sensation of capturing something unique in this image. Photography is about stopping time and memories and here it gave me the feeling of getting it.

Alberto Parejo is a professional wedding photographer in Seville, Spain.
Christoforos Mechanezidis (Frankfurt, Germany) Photo by Christoforos Mechanezidis (Frankfurt, Germany)
CHRISTOFOROS: This is my very very absolute favourite wedding photo I ever took, because i had to wait 6 months until finally I got the chance to realize this idea of an epic night shot, which I was carrying with me since January 2018.

The background story was this: In January 2018, there was a very nice wedding photographer meet-up at the baltic sea up in the north of germany. 35 photographers from all the country met and networked and had a really good time together during this 2 days meet-up. On the last evening, a colleague asked if we could do some night shot with sparkles outside. So we started with the sparkles and as more and more colleagues came outside they brought more ideas and light sabers with them and so the whole thing escalated quickly and in the end the as a quick shot intented sparkles-thing blew up to a three hour session in the cold. In fact, the whole thing became a kind of live-workshop, which inspired a lot of us and others, too.

So then, 6 months later, I had the idea to finally realize this kind of epic night shot on a very cool wedding. so I asked the couple late in the evening "are you in for some really funny stuff?" and of course they said yes. we needed 5 minutes and with the 2nd attempt, the shot was perfect!

Last but not least, this shot is my very favourite wedding photo ever, because for me it concentrates all the creative elements and possibilities of creative off-cmera flash photography and marks a point, where i could say "yes, i finally really mastered flash!". It´s not a coincidence, that now I am giving flash workshops, where everybody wants to know how this shot was done. 30 seconds, no photoshop, everything is real in this picture. and I just love it!

Christoforos Mechanezidis is a professional wedding photographer in Frankfurt, Germany.
Huy Quoc Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) Photo by Huy Quoc Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
HUY: The moment at the wedding vow. I love this photo because the eyes contact and tear, you know, i mean it was emotional moment. The bride was cried after their traditional. This is an elope wedding in Vietnam, just has only two of them and some best friends.

Huy Quoc Nguyen is a professional wedding photographer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Gareth Davies (Riviera Maya, Mexico) Photo by Gareth Davies (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
GARETH: The bride was wanting to have some photos on the beach as they had travelled from Texas for their destination wedding in Cancun. The shoreline of the beach was inundated with thick sludgy (and very smelly!) seaweed. This pier about 100m away provided a good alternative, although it required the bride and groom to take a couple of soggy steps in the seawood to access it. Walking towards the end of the pier, I worked with the bride to setup the shot (whilst my assistant shot me mirroring for the bride), fortunately there was a strong breeze that allowed the veil to fly in the wind. I took a few steps back to compose. I had my assistant stand next to me and clap his hands a few times to get the seagulls to take flight...and this was the result. I reviewed the image on the camera at the time and it gave me goose bumps, as I was super happy with the combination of all the elements and how it came out; the serene tranquility that the sea conveys, the birds in flight, the bride, her dress, the flow of her veil...and the stark contrasting background that was situated behind us.

Gareth Davies is a professional wedding photographer in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Peter Geluk (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Peter Geluk (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
PETER: This image has to do with the groom (Koen) hugging his grandmother really tight, as they're both missing his grandfather.

As there was no chance for Koen to hold his grandma during the ceremony, we knew afterwards there would be a moment between them. So we were prepared when it happened. They held each other for so long, it was clear they were struggling to keep it together.

These moments happen quite fast and you have to make on your feet decisions about where you're going to be, what you'll show and where to focus. We as wedding photographers have trained ourselves to do this well. And even though there are lots of lost moments as well, we always end up with strong, storytelling pictures like this that will make our couples relive that exact moment. And isn't that why we started doing this in the first place?

Peter Geluk is a professional wedding photographer in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
BEN: It was a freezing autumn day and I loved the angle the sun had through the "window" of the bridge. The shadow fell prefect though you can see the couple perfectly. I also love that there is life, normal pedestrians strolling over the bridge. Passing by in the shadow of the picture.

Ben Gross is a professional wedding photographer in Berlin.
Justo Navas (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Justo Navas (Madrid, Spain)
JUSTO: With this photo I got my first fearless award. My personal challenge was my challenge was to take a picture in a place where photos had been taken many times and this photo should have light, color and composition. The couple loves this photo and me too.

Justo Navas is a professional wedding photographer in Madrid.
Kevin Sawyer (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Kevin Sawyer (Lake Tahoe, CA)
KEVIN: Not only my favorite photo, but possibly one of my favorite shoots of all time. This was a surprise proposal and I was actually contacted by the sister of the girl who was to be engaged about two days before the proposal was suppose to happen. The guy had her sister in the loop and she was the one doing the legwork for a photographer. They were from Michigan and they were doing a long road trip and and he going to end up proposing at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.

So within 48 hours before the proposal was to happen I was hired and a plan was made for where everything was going down and we just hoped I knew who they were and she didn't catch on.

Everything went perfect! This photo is from the very end off the session where I told them just to take a moment between themselves and I walked away from them. I then turned around and captured this sweet moment between the two of them with emerald bay in the background.

I could not have been happier with how this proposal went. Just perfectly beautiful.

Kevin Sawyer is a professional wedding photographer in Lake Tahoe, USA.
Massimiliano Esposito (Orvieto, Italy) Photo by Massimiliano Esposito (Orvieto, Italy)
MASSIMILIANO: I really care about this photo because with the newlyweds we climbed on a castle in Italy, it had just stopped raining, during the shot the wind has almost wiped us out, but magically the sunset has risen from the clouds.

Massimiliano Esposito is a professional wedding photographer in Rome.
Raph Nogal (Toronto, ON) Photo by Raph Nogal (Toronto, ON)
RAPH: This photo was taken moments after the bride was married. It was a beautiful embrace between an ill father and his daughter on her wedding day. It was beautiful to witness.

I learned only a few short days after that the father had passed away. It was in that moment I realized how important photography really is and how honoured I was to be able to capture this for my client.

THIS is the reason why I'm a wedding photographer!

Raph Nogal is a professional wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada.
Elaine Green (Edmonton, AB) Photo by Elaine Green (Edmonton, AB)
ELAINE: This photo is my all-time favorite because it is truly unique. I have not seen a photo similar to it. It's colorful, fun, easygoing, eye-catching, and all the elements were perfect at that exact moment. I love that the photo reflects my photographic style. Plus, they were the sweetest couple ever :)

Elaine Green is a professional wedding photographer in Edmonton, Canada.
Stefan van der Kamp (The Hague, Netherlands) Photo by Stefan van der Kamp (The Hague, Netherlands)
STEPHAN: This couple loves the outdoor and we saw this opportunity on the other side of the lake. It was a hike and a climb to get there, but I asked anways if they were willing. They said they had an idea similear, but didn't want to ask me. The couple hurried and got on the right spot on the right time in the outdoor environment they loved. During the day I found out that the text for their ceremony was "They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water." This was the perfect picture for the wedding couple.

Stefan van der Kamp is a professional wedding photographer in The Hague, Netherlands.
Emily Senyk (Winnipeg, MB) Photo by Emily Senyk (Winnipeg, MB)
EMILY: This is my favourite photo because I was thrown into a situation I had never experienced before and I think I nailed it! (Maybe?) I usually ensure I always have a second shooter, but this wedding was small (less than 20 people) and an afternoon event that only required a couple of hours, so the couple only needed me. It was September, but it turned into an absolutely torrential downpour - and their wedding was to take place outdoors! I only just started learning off-camera flash this year and didn't have any special bags or weather gear to protect my equipment, but I did not want to let this couple down, so I used a towel over my flash and bought this umbrella at a drugstore on the way to the wedding and hoped for the best. (Poor couple had a picnic reception, too! They were such troopers!!)

We ended up with a colour and a black and white version of this, and to me it is my favourite because it not only shows that you don't need perfect weather and sunny skies for your wedding (photos are way cooler and more dramatic with inclement weather!), but also because it was a terrifying shooting situation for me and I had to make it work anyway!

Emily Senyk is a professional wedding photographer in Winnipeg, Canada.
Viviana Calaon Moscova (Quito, Ecuador) Photo by Viviana Calaon Moscova (Quito, Ecuador)
VIVIANA: The bride with her father in a unique and real moment, minutes before the ceremony began. I had the opportunity to capture this exciting encounter because we were waiting for the arrival of the violinist who was delayed and that gave us an extra time.

Viviana Calaon Moscova is a professional wedding photographer in Quito, Ecuador.
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