Vinci Wang: Top 10 Fearless Awards

Art & Beauty Wedding Photography is all about creating iconic images that transform wedding photographs into works of art. These photographers employ a variety of artistic techniques (light, composition, pose, etc.) to wow their creative clients with stylized imagery that is beyond the ordinary.

Guest curator Vinci Wang (China) shares some thoughts about his top choices from curating 3183 entries in the ART & BEAUTY category of Collection 44.

Based in China, Vinci Wang is tied for 4th place among the Top Fearless Photographers of 2018. He has earned 14 Fearless Awards since becoming a member 3 years ago.
Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia) Photo by Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Although this happens in a very famous tourist attraction, this is a very rare, fun and imaginative photo. Everything is simple and easy, but it all perfectly highlights that fun point. As I said, this is a tourist attraction, which means that everyone who arrives here and the photographer can see the mountain. But find a special perspective in a scene that many people can see, and choose such a good location to shoot. This is the ability to create great works in the ordinary.
This photo may become a very high-resolution photo in the future, so that everyone who comes here wants to shoot a similar work.
Laetitia Patezour (Milwaukee, WI) Photo by Laetitia Patezour (Milwaukee, WI)
I think everyone have seen many wedding group photos. But this photo brought me a completely different experience.

First, it uses the way small people are photographed in large scenes (common in couples' shooting). Second, although such a shooting method is used, the lines appearing on the screen give a visual guide, which is not simply to put people in a huge scene. Third, everything is white, except for the blue of the sky. Such a simple color match gives the picture a different visual experience, and the attention is not dispersed. Fourth, put all the characters in the corner, such a limit composition is very bold, very fearless! Finally, the flying planes in the sky and the traces they left and the traces left by other planes make such a photo difficult to copy.

This is a very rare snapping moment, not just a simple collective photo. The photographer took great advantage of the timing. This is a great photo.
Valter Antunes (Lisbon, Portugal) Photo by Valter Antunes (Lisbon, Portugal)
This photo makes me move. Yes, although the composition is very simple, it doesn't matter. The perfect environment creates a strong impact on the bride's position in a wheelchair. The expression of story and emotion is in place. I stared at this photo for a long time, and I was about to shed tears. I held back. I am thinking maybe this is the happy moment that every bride wants. I think this is a photo that is worth cherishing forever. The photographer grasps everything and captures this wonderful moment. All emotions need not be described in words.
Chiara Ridolfi (Rome, Italy) Photo by Chiara Ridolfi (Rome, Italy)
Guys, do you know that the category I am in is art and beauty? Yes, for me this photo perfectly gives me the experience that this photo is not difficult in terms of technical difficulty, as long as the composition and the appropriate shutter are all right. However, we are now increasingly using complex techniques and forgetting a lot of simple but difficult to reach. I said that this photo is very simple. This perfect moment is not easy to grasp. The bride's eyes and expressions tell unspeakable stories. The slight dynamics of the veil and just the right occlusion bring a little mystery. Post-processing very well emphasizes the feeling of the whole photo. This is a simple photo, but it caught my eye for a long time. Simplicity is difficult, and less is more.
Anderson Sachetti (Florianópolis, Brazil) Photo by Anderson Sachetti (Florianópolis, Brazil)
Cats, like brides, are beautiful creatures. When I saw this photo, I saw a picture that I had imagined but could not take. The bride is the focus of the wedding day, the most beautiful person, what would it look like when she appeared with the beautiful cat? I have raised cats and photographed brides and cats, so I know how difficult it is to keep a cat in such a state. Animals are the uncontrollable factors that we often encounter in shooting weddings. It is difficult to join the bride to make photo shooting more difficult under the premise of perfect control. In addition, the double contrast between light and shadow, illusion and reality increases the artistry and story of the photo. Very wonderful moments are also very rare photos.
Sergio Arnés (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Sergio Arnés (Barcelona, Spain)
At first sight of this photo, I almost thought it was a beautiful oil painting. A painting that is being displayed on a wall. There is a strong sense of unreality, if not the bride wearing a wedding dress and the raindrops falling from the roof pulled me back to reality. I almost fell into it. In addition, the couple's movements are very well matched, and the two umbrellas blend perfectly with the tones of the entire photo. The photographer used the frame composition very skillfully, and boldly arranged the position of the character, gently breaking the balance of the picture in such a symmetrical picture. Focused all the viewers on the couple. This is really a wonderful work worthy of printing and hanging on your wall every day.
Matthew Long (South East England) Photo by Matthew Long (South East England)
A great photo often needs to wait patiently. This photo is a good proof of this. Children have a good time in the photo, but we all know that children and animals are also an element that is difficult to control at all times. So I believe that photographers must wait fortunately. The whole picture is clean and there are no extra elements, and the cake next to the mirror does its job well - proving the wedding. The process of playing with two children is difficult to capture a suitable moment. And still in the mirror, this needs to wait for them to reach a suitable position, have a proper movement and a suitable expression. This is hard.

In the end, this photographer dares to wait for such a great but easily overlooked moment in such a place, which is itself a fearless expression.
Brittany Diliberto (Washington DC) Photo by Brittany Diliberto (Washington DC)
The colorful colors represent what should be said without me. But here the photographer can be said to be crazy and the groom has made a joke. How much guts this has! Yes, although I don't know if the other end of the umbrella is male or female. But this moment, the man who came by the bike was cleverly arranged into his wife, a man who only had a shadow in the picture. What's more interesting is that the position of the mouth of only two people in the picture seems to be kissing at all! The timing control can't be perfect! So I said this photographer is fearless! I hope that the couple will be able to leave the photographer's life after seeing this photo! Hahaha~
Tamara Sanchez Perez (Valencia, Spain) Photo by Tamara Sanchez Perez (Valencia, Spain)
I want to share this photo I like very much, although it is not Fearless Award. This photo has the feeling of a war photographer taking pictures of the battlefield. Of course we know that this is not a war. But in fact, the wedding we were filming was like fighting. You have to rush to capture every good moment. So when I first saw this photo, I was moved. This photo may be a moment of celebration, which just ignited the smoke. Watching the children play happily in the smoke suddenly reminds me of the children who have been displaced in the war. Of course I understand that this is a happy moment, but it gives me a different feeling. And I admire the photographer's calm observation of the surroundings in such an environment, and keenly capture this dynamic moment. So, I personally like this photo very much.
Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO) Photo by Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO)
This is the last photo I want to share. It is still not a Fearless Award. But it does not prevent me from enjoying it. I have been watching this photo for a long time and I am very struggling. Because it is different from other photos. It is the first photo that is easy to be ignored, because you can't see the couple in the photo. It seems that it is also difficult to see the elements of the wedding. But after careful observation, you can see that there is a small door on the left side of the photo, which is the ceremony place for the wedding. I saw a lot of photos of the couple in a big scene. The photo put the wedding scene in a big scene, making the place of the ceremony look small. In addition, it is not just such a simple location, but a lot of other elements are taken to complement the story of the whole picture. For example, I don't know why there is a fire truck in such a place. For example, the children in the picture are really playing, and in such an environment, the story is enhanced a lot. At the same time, the light and shadow of this photo is very good. Instant capture is perfect. It is a very documentary photo. This photo reminds me of the very famous street photography photos. The only difference is that this photo has a little wedding element. Although only a little bit, it is this little wedding element that makes me very happy. There is even a feeling of surprise. I like less is more.
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