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Let's celebrate these remarkable wedding photos from the Fearless Photographers members in the Czech Republic.

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Josef Fedak (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Josef Fedak (Prague, Czech Republic)
"I simply love to shoot weddings. I capture all the emotions that tells the story of a wedding day by taking reportage photos and also showing the love throught beautiful portraits of the couple. I love new destinations mainly for its diversity and uniqueness. I speak Česky, English and Deutsch and I am looking forward photographing your wedding." - Josef Fedak
Katka Koncal (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Katka Koncal (Prague, Czech Republic)
"I am a wedding photographer. I am passionate about traveling and meeting new people. I am ready to travel worldwide to capture your day." - Katka Koncal
Jakub Adam (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Jakub Adam (Prague, Czech Republic)
"My name is Jakub Adam and I am a professional wedding photographer. Photography in general is my hobby and my passion at the same time. It allows me to express myself, my views and my feelings. Shooting got me the opportunity to do what I love and thus it fulfills me, which I really appreciate. When shooting, I put emphasis on capturing unrepeatable moments and emotions. My whole life revolves around photography. I´m working with cameras and lenses from Canon, more precisely, I´m using the full-format DSLR Canon 5D mkIII, 5D mkII and L-series lenses." - Jakub Adam
Eliska Fischerová (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Eliska Fischerová (Prague, Czech Republic)
"There are few things you might want to know before you hire me to photograph your wedding day. I am a wedding lover... I am emotional and like to translate emotions into my photography... I am a perfectionist...My work is one big and lifelong passion. For that reason you can be assured that if you hire me for your big day, I will work for 200% and I will put all this passion and my heart into the photography." - Eliska Fischerova
Miloš Nejezchleb (Brno, Czech Republic) Photo by Miloš Nejezchleb (Brno, Czech Republic)
"In the last two years I focus my own work on conceptual and fine art photographic works, in which I try to work on a particular theme and to give content on the pictures. I also transfer artistic tendencies to wedding photography, where I try to combine artistic conception of portraits with documentary style. The final work which I deliver to customers is a documentary set that expresses their day D in its trueness plus a few exceptional artistic portraits that are best suited to hang on the wall in the living room." - Miloš Nejezchleb
Pavlína Wagnerová (Brno, Czech Republic) Photo by Pavlína Wagnerová (Brno, Czech Republic)
"Over 5 years I make wedding and portrait photography but also I'm not against other photographic genres. I must admit that I was completely absorbed by photographing and it becomes an everyday part of my life. In photography I try to capture in particular the nature and emotions. My goal is to constantly improve, learn and by this move my photos forward." - Pavlína Wagnerová
Alexey Norkin (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Alexey Norkin (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of our lives and I'm pretty sure that you would like to keep all those incredible moments of this day in your memory as bright as it can be. My main professional mission, which is more than just possible, is to give you an opportunity to live through this day again and again, time after time, looking at your wedding pictures." - Alexey Norkin
Lukas Cerny (Czech Republic) Photo by Lukas Cerny (Czech Republic)
"Photograph reportage style and it is important for me to keep track of and unrepeatable moments throughout the day, so that the memories as much as possible. I prefer the style of a reporter with a creative twist, subtly and quietly in the background, where I can watch the overall events and create your wedding story, from early morning preparations until the last dance and good entertainment. I like a relaxed friendly atmosphere, so I do not want you to pose for hours, photographing your emotions and spontaneity, so I capture the wedding day as it actually takes place. Therefore love with you creating a relaxed and candid portraits." - Lukas Cerny
Lubow Polyanska (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Lubow Polyanska (Prague, Czech Republic)
"My photos are at the junction of art and documentary." - Lubow Polyanska
Jan Šedivý (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Jan Šedivý (Prague, Czech Republic)
"My name is Jan and I'm a storyteller from Prague. I will gladly shoot your wedding in the Czech republic or travel to you to all over the world. Do you like what you see in my portfolio? Do you like how I tell stories? Then please contact me. I want to get to know you better." - Jan Šedivý
Pavel Dufek (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Pavel Dufek (Prague, Czech Republic)
"I am a wedding photographer who provides authentic, unobtrusive and artistic documentary photography for clients from all over the world." - Pavel Dufek
Markéta Zelenková (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Markéta Zelenková (Prague, Czech Republic)
"My name is Marketa, and I am 36. I've been painting since I was a child. I always painted people. When I took the camera for the first time it was like painting. I love faces! I love what is behind them. And I love telling stories. I am a story teller. I tell stories with my camera. I want to capture these little moments between moments. That's the purpose." - Marketa Zelenkova
Matouš Bárta (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Matouš Bárta (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Your wedding day will be unique and unrepeatable. It is the day in your life you will spend with the people closest and the most important to You. Whether you're planning a small wedding in the middle of the woods or a big wedding involving hundreds of guests at a chateau, you can always enjoy perfect photographs filled with emotion, colour and life. I will be delighted to capture your story, too." - Matous Barta
Gabriela Ksandrova (Czech Republic) Photo by Gabriela Ksandrova (Czech Republic)
"I am a professional photographer and a wedding lover. Photography of weddings is one big adventure! I am always glad to be part of that liveliness, chaos and emotions to capture and transfer it into a unique photo story. I can travel at any place in the world to catch your story." - Gabriela Ksandrova
Victor Zdvizhkov (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Victor Zdvizhkov (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Destination wedding photographer based in Prague. Photography for me is both a work and a hobby. Agree that there is nothing better than doing what you love. My hobby - photography is tightly intertwined with a love of travel and new horizons, not only hiding emotions and impressions, but also vivid photos that I share with you. What do I like to shoot? I'm interested in life. I'm interested in people, their emotions, feelings and experiences." - Victor Zdvizhkov
Lukas Hanusek (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Lukas Hanusek (Prague, Czech Republic)
"I'm not just taking pictures. I'm capturing the most important moments of your life. I'm letting your deepest emotions, endless joy, and sincere happiness live forever. I'm here to bring you a never-ending opportunity to shed a happy tear and to bring up that warm smile every time you see your wedding photos." - Lukas Hanusek
Radek Cepelak (Prague, Czech Republic) Photo by Radek Cepelak (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Wedding photos mark the beginning of an exciting journey for not only married couples, but also for generations to come. That is why I insist that a wedding story must be captured as the wedding day unravels. Look at my website for more photos and book your date, it would be honest for me to be your wedding photographer." - Radek Cepelak
Petr Wagenknecht (Brno, Czech Republic) Photo by Petr Wagenknecht (Brno, Czech Republic)
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