Who let these birds out?

Heiko Schmidt (Hamburg, Germany) Photo by Heiko Schmidt (Hamburg, Germany)
Ralf Czogallik (Weert, Netherlands) Photo by Ralf Czogallik (Weert, Netherlands)
Cole Kor (Singapore) Photo by Cole Kor (Singapore)
Bruno Rosa (Dublin, Ireland) Photo by Bruno Rosa (Dublin, Ireland)
Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia) Photo by Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Stefan Droasca (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Stefan Droasca (Bucharest, Romania)
Gerhard Nel (The Hague, Netherlands) Photo by Gerhard Nel (The Hague, Netherlands)
Christian Schneider-Bröcker (Leipzig, Germany) Photo by Christian Schneider-Bröcker (Leipzig, Germany)
Canoë Segeren-Doherty (South East England) Photo by Canoë Segeren-Doherty (South East England)
Cristiano Ostinelli (Como, Italy) Photo by Cristiano Ostinelli (Como, Italy)
Darren Kirwan (County Limerick, Ireland) Photo by Darren Kirwan (County Limerick, Ireland)
Carlos Santana (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Carlos Santana (Madrid, Spain)
Daniel Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Daniel Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania)
Allison Williams (Chicago, IL) Photo by Allison Williams (Chicago, IL)
Andreu Doz (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Andreu Doz (Barcelona, Spain)
Davina Kudish (Montreal, QC) Photo by Davina Kudish (Montreal, QC)
Ashvin Ghisyawan (Utrecht, Netherlands) Photo by Ashvin Ghisyawan (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Cory Ryan (Austin, TX) Photo by Cory Ryan (Austin, TX)
Dorin Catrinescu (Chișinău, Moldova) Photo by Dorin Catrinescu (Chișinău, Moldova)
Dragan Zlatanovic (Bologna, Italy) Photo by Dragan Zlatanovic (Bologna, Italy)
Ana Maria Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Ana Maria Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania)
David Pelaz (Tarragona, Spain) Photo by David Pelaz (Tarragona, Spain)
Filipe Santos (Porto, Portugal) Photo by Filipe Santos (Porto, Portugal)
Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia) Photo by Hendra Lesmana (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain)
Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO) Photo by Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO)
Igor Bulgak (Moscow, Russia) Photo by Igor Bulgak (Moscow, Russia)
Juya Gentil (Bogotá, Colombia) Photo by Juya Gentil (Bogotá, Colombia)
Kent Meireis (Missoula, MT) Photo by Kent Meireis (Missoula, MT)
Isidro Cabrera Sosa (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Isidro Cabrera Sosa (Madrid, Spain)
Lisa Rhinehart (Harrisburg, PA) Photo by Lisa Rhinehart (Harrisburg, PA)
Sven Soetens (Ghent, Belgium) Photo by Sven Soetens (Ghent, Belgium)
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