21 Unforgettable Moments of 2017

Recently, we had a friendly members-only competition to select the best candid images made in 2017.

Unposed and real, these authentic moments were voted by Fearless Photographers membership as the "Best Moments of 2017".

Soven Amatya (London, UK) Photo by Soven Amatya (London, UK)
On a bright, sunny and extremely hot July Summer's day, I was second shooting a wedding at the beautiful Hylands Park in Essex. The whole place was an hive of activity. The morning zipped by with bridal prep. The guests slowly started arriving, and there was a buzz when the groom arrived.

It was during this time I noticed the grandmother. She had a big personality. She was laughing and joking with other guests.

After the confetti had been thrown, I noticed she was deep in conversation with one particular guest. I took some photos of them laughing and joking. As they were in deep conversation, one of the guests approached me. She explained the grandmother was 99 years old, and it was her birthday in a few weeks time. As the guests were mingling out in the glorious sun, I made my way to the Reception Hall. During this time, the grandmother was wheeled in and placed on her table.

As I was busily taking details of the room, I noticed she had taken a nap. It struck me how polar opposite this was to how I'd seen her through the earlier part of the day. I shot several frames trying to include the context for the photo.

It was a serene and peaceful moment in a very loud and colourful wedding.

To cap it all, it also happened to be my birthday.

- Soven Amatya is a Fearless Photographers member based in London, UK.
Yves Schepers (Brussels, Belgium) Photo by Yves Schepers (Brussels, Belgium)
Arjan van der Plaat (Breda, Netherlands) Photo by Arjan van der Plaat (Breda, Netherlands)
Mauricio Gomez (Montevideo, Uruguay) Photo by Mauricio Gomez (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Mike Shpenyk (Florence, Italy) Photo by Mike Shpenyk (Florence, Italy)
Patrick Engel (Dusseldorf, Germany) Photo by Patrick Engel (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Lyndah Wells (The Bahamas) Photo by Lyndah Wells (The Bahamas)
Andreu Doz (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Andreu Doz (Barcelona, Spain)
Marios Kourouniotis (Munich, Germany) Photo by Marios Kourouniotis (Munich, Germany)
Matteo Lomonte (Bari, Italy) Photo by Matteo Lomonte (Bari, Italy)
Fille Roelants (Antwerp, Belgium) Photo by Fille Roelants (Antwerp, Belgium)
Steven Herrschaft (Konstanz, Germany) Photo by Steven Herrschaft (Konstanz, Germany)
Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China) Photo by Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China)
Mario De Luzio (Naples, Italy) Photo by Mario De Luzio (Naples, Italy)
Ralf Czogallik (Weert, Netherlands) Photo by Ralf Czogallik (Weert, Netherlands)
Bryan Surgener (Columbus, OH) Photo by Bryan Surgener (Columbus, OH)
David Pommier (Nimes, France) Photo by David Pommier (Nimes, France)
Renata Xavier (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Photo by Renata Xavier (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Sven Soetens (Ghent, Belgium) Photo by Sven Soetens (Ghent, Belgium)
Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain)
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