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The entry form for the next Collection 55 will be available after March 7.

We are excited to receive your images to compile another Collection of excellent wedding photographs to showcase to the world!

Fearless Awards are awarded to a limited number of photographs that our curators deem to be our community's best work.


By participating in the Fearless Awards selection process, entrants agree to be bound by these official rules and the decisions of the Administrator, Huy Nguyen. The Administrator's decisions are final on all matters relating to this process.

Photos must be from the wedding day and events associated with the wedding, day-after photo sessions, bridal photo sessions, pre-wedding photo sessions, engagement photo sessions, vow renewals, and civil unions. Photos can be from any year.

A Fearless Award or Honorable Mention may be disqualified by the Admin if:

- it is sized incorrectly.

- it was taken from a workshop, class, styled session, modeling session for a third party, commercial session, editorial session, bat/bar mitzvah, communion, or baptism.

- it is of strangers who are not your clients or part of your event.

- it is a posed "boudoir" portrait image as defined by WPPI: "Portraits that celebrate the beauty of the human (male and female) form... usually including nudes, semi-nudes, subjects in lingerie."

- it depicts sexual activity, vomiting, hurtful or cruel behavior, urination, or defecation.

- it shows all or part of male or female genital areas.

- it was taken from an angle so as to see up a person's skirt, dress, kilt, etc.

- it is a detail photo of the rings that uses other imagery (eg, a painting, photograph, any work from another artist) as the primary background. Don't put the rings on top of another photo, etc.

- it is a combination of multiple captures in the camera or created through digital manipulation. Don't do multiple exposures.

- some parts of the photo have been heavily darkened (burning) to complete blackness or lightened (dodging) to complete whiteness. However, you are allowed to heavily darken or lighten the whole photo. Don't make parts of your photo go all black or all white or another color.

- the content of the photo is obscured or eliminated through digital manipulation of density, contrast, color, saturation. Don't hide stuff in your photo by using digital manipulation.

- more than 5% of content has been removed (cloned) from the photo through digital manipulation. You may clone out dust spots or a very small part of your photo.

- additional content, texture, pattern, or frame was added to the photo through digital manipulation or any other method. Don't add anything to your photo.

- it is very similar or almost the same as one of your own Fearless Awards. Don't submit photos that are copies of your own Awards.

- when asked, the photographer fails to provide the RAW or unprocessed JPG file and/or the sequence of a photo within 3 business days for verification of authenticity. Be ready to show the raw unedited file if asked.

The curation process has been developed to ensure that the rules are applied fairly. We also believe having a new group of curators for each round of awards helps bring different perspectives to the selection process.

Curators are asked to give preferences to photos that show originality in concept, technique, and creativity.

There are some instances where the curators will be asked to evaluate the images on a case by case basis: weapons, juvenile or bathroom humour, partial nudity, and offensive actions. Curators will make the final decision whether the image is Awarded in those instances.

- Each member can enter up to 6 free entries + up to 12 additional entries for a fee = 18 maximum entries.

- Your entries must be JPG or PNG photographs

- There are only 3 sizes allowed. Entries that are not the correct size may be disqualified by the Admin. Allowed sizes are:

1200 pixels X 800 pixels 800 pixels X 1200 pixels 1200 X 1200 pixels

- Entries must be named with a Unique name of two words such as: mushroomkid01.jpg, mushroomkid02.jpg, etc...

- Put all your photos in the same folder.

- Use the Entry Form to send your entries. Entries received after 11:59 pm on Thursday January 30 will be charged a Late Fee of $10 USD per form.

- After Jan. 30, each entry form will be charged a $10 Late Fee until the form closes permanently after 11:59 pm February 6

- To avoid confusion with your entries, only send in one entry form. Do not send in 2 forms.

- If you made a mistake with your form or if you have any questions about your entries, email fearlessphotographers@gmail.com

All photos - usually about 10,000 - from the entry forms are downloaded by the Admin and divided into 3 groups of images.

Your photos will be divided equally and randomly into 3 groups. For example, if you send in 18 images: 6 will go to Group A and 6 to Group B and 6 to Group C.

Each group of photos will be reviewed by 2 curators independently. There are a total of 6 curators for 3 groups of photos.

The curators and their studio mates are NOT allowed to enter their own photos in this Collection.

Each curator will select the photos that they deem as excellent to be called "Finalists".

Then all 6 curators will score each Finalist image from 0-3 points.

Photos that earned with the most total points will be Fearless Awards. Photos that earned almost as many points than Fearless Awards will be called "Honorable Mentions"

All Fearless Awards or Honorable Mentions must follow the rules or they will be disqualified. You will receive notice if your Award or HM is disqualified.

About 1-3% of all entries will be Fearless Awards. Usually, about 150 photos of 10,000 photos entered are Fearless Awards.

If the same photo is an Honorable Mention in 2 different Collections, then it is elevated to become a Fearless Award.

I am not a Fearless member, can I submit photos? No, the Fearless Awards are only for members of Fearless Photographers.

Can I submit photos that have been cropped? Yes, we encourage you to crop photos to achieve maximum impact.

Can I submit photos that I used presets on? Yes, presets are fine as long as they are applied to the whole photo and nothing is added to the content of the photo.

Can I submit photos that were shot through glass prisms or other devices? Yes, you can under current rules.

Can I submit photos that I took as a second photographer? Yes, if you have permission from the primary photographer.

Can I submit the same photos again? Yes, you can submit any photos that are not already Fearless Awards.

Will I receive a confirmation email after I submit my entry form? Yes, look for the confirmation email to make sure your entry form went through. If you don't see it within 24 hours, please let me know.

Do I have to enter all photos at the same time? Yes, submit all your photos on one form. If you made a mistake, email me.

When will the results be announced? We aim to announce the results by March 7. Maybe before.
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Collection 55 - Entry Form will be open after March 7. Please check back on this page
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