Face Photos

As we are updating the site with changes to be more useful and appealing to clients, we are also looking to achieve a consistency with the display of members' profile photos. While we understand your need to express your individuality, we are working hard to build trust with viewers so we need your profile photos to be as polished as possible.

Please find one that is suitable or take a new one.

Here are the requirements for a suitable profile photo:

- photo must be of YOU (that's obvious, but must be said)

- photo size must be 300 x 300 pixels

- the photo must be only one photo and not a collage

- photo must not be a logo

- photo must not have a logo in it

- at least 50% of your face must be seen

Any variations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Fearless Photographers reserve the right to make the final decisions. We are working hard to promote your Fearless profiles and we would appreciate your help.

Thank you, Huy
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