2023 FPOY Judging

At Fearless Photographers, we value the voice of the community.

All members are invited to participate in selecting the "2023 Fearless Photographer of the Year" in the first edition of this special competition.

From the 8 Collections of 2023, our esteemed finalists are Matteo Carta of Italy and Lei Liu of China, recognized for their outstanding achievements with 12 and 11 Fearless Awards respectively.

Best Wedding Photographers of 2023

Each photographer has submitted 25 wedding photos captured in 2023 for your assessment.

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2023 Fearless Photographer of the Year Competition

and evaluate each photo as it appears on your screen. Your scores remain confidential and can only be viewed by the admin, who will remove any suspicious scoring patterns to ensure fairness.

Judging ends at 23:59 on Friday, February 9.

The winner is the photographer who receives the most points and will be unveiled on Monday, February 12.

Thank you!
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